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Binh Thuy Waterfront

Binh Thuy Waterfront



Bill "Mac" McNerney did Air Support at Binh Thuy
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Welcome Home!!!
Yup! I was at Binh Thuy 69-70 Bahsock river or something that sounds like that. LOL

We had a 1500 ft. runway for the 0V-10 Bronces and the Seawolfs Hal-3,and some army medic avac choppers( asmall MASH) next door to us, if I remember right? I was with the Fleet Air Support Unit (FASU) there PR-3 rigger.

There was a unit of PBR boats on the base also. SEAL teams would pass thru from time to time. It's something we will never forget that's for sure.

Jim Krause was also at Bin Thuy in 69-70. He reports:
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I spent a year on the army base in Ham Tan Binh Thuy (69-70)and really liked your pictures.

During my stay, I made friends with an ARVN Nguyen Dinh Lam and stayed in contact with him until the fall of SVN. Have tried to locate him since then to no avail. If you have any tips let me know.

By the way, the airstrip you refer to is probably the Ham Tan airstrip.

Kieth Anklam was stationed at Binh Thuy in the Fall of '71:
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I was stationed at LSB Binh Thuy from August of 1971 until December 1971 when I got medivacked out. I worked at the armory and as a gunner on Mike Boats hauling ammo to Choa Doc, Long Phu, Ca Mau etc., and rode shotgun on ARVN driven truck convoys hauling ammo. They were too smart to take it by boat at 8 mph.

I have about a dozen letters that I wrote home from there to my folks. I would like to hear from anyone I served with.

Bill Cunningham was with the 57th and 87th Medical Detachments in Binh Thuy 1970-71

I was with the 57th & 87th medical detachments (helicopter ambulance) "Dust Off" 1970 -1971. Our ships were parked at Navy Binh Thuy along with our operations. Our barracks were next to 3rd Surg Hospital. I enjoyed looking at your pictures and I'll visit again.

A couple of years after returning from Vietnam I ran into a friend from high school, Jim Dodge. We were talking, found out he had been in Vietnam with the Navy and behold he was stationed at Bihn Thuy for 6 months while I was there and we never saw each other. Haven't seen him or heard about him in over 20 years.

Ronald D. "Snotty" Snodgrass was at Nah Be and Bin Thuy in 70-71. His wife reports:
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My name is Joyce Snodgrass and my husband was stationed in Vietnam from April 1970 thru April 1971. He was an advisor on River Patrol Boats. He was stationed in Nah Be and Binh Thuy.

His name was EN/2 Ronald D. Snodgrass (Snotty) from Texas. If I understand this right he was Petty Officer in Charge of Commander Task Force 212 Mobile Maintenance Advisor Team and later served as an advisor to Vietnamese Navy RPD-57. I got this information from his citation for his Navy Commendation Metal.

I am trying to find out information about his group and to try and locate anyone who may have served with him. Is there any archives for his Task Force and Group. Ronnie died of Agent Orange related cancer on Dec. 1, 1997. My two sons, one who was in the Navy and one who is currently serving as a field medic in the Navy (Stationed with the 1st Marines), would love to have this information. I would appreciate any help that you might be able to give me.

Will Lovesmith collected intel at Binh Thuy from 1970-1972
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I was in Nam from May, 70 until the end of Feb., 72. (Sealords)

After two days in country, I was sent to the Benawah as it advanced toward Phnom Penh in May (70). We then sat on the Vietnam/Cambodian border in the middle of the river for about a month retransmitting the air support and medevac requests for the advancing ground troops.

From there I went to work for LCDR Schellhouse at the Binh Thuy Naval Ops Center to coordinate intel research and for training the VN's. I collected Intel info and made maps for the Black Pony pilots for their daily and emergency requested air support sorties, plus various Seal and Dufflebag recons.

While keeping track of enemy and friendly movements on a big map on the wall in the Ops center I had a pretty good idea that something was brewing in the Song Ong Doc area. LCDR Schellhouse flew us down in the LOH to brief the commander as to what we were seeing collecting.

An estimated 1,000+ VC/NVA were moving into the area. It was around the 17th or 18th of Oct. Seeing that picture of the MATSB and that little tiny spot of a pad that he landed on really caused me to appreciate how great a pilot he was. Especially when we took off after briefing.

He was concerned about receiving small arms fire so he lifted the helo up a few feet from the pad and then shot forward and dropped down low to the ground to build up speed. We were so low that he had to hop over a fifty gallon barrel that loomed up in front of us all of a sudden. Then across the beach where I thought he was going to pick up a handful of sand to keep as a souvenir and over the surf and out to sea before we zoomed up into the sky.. It was the most exhilarating ride I had ever had in my entire life.

A few days later, I was told that you guys were hit and that two men were lost on the first round fired. I was told that if we had not flown there to brief, there could have been more lives lost. It still hurt.

Some of you guys used to come into Binh Thuy and we would go down to Can Tho to drink beer and mess with the girls.. I was known as Wes.

The Vietnamese called me (Low Da). Probably cause my head was shaped like a bullet. We had a quaint little place to relax that had a bullet-riddled wall that some guys might remember. I know you, Joe Flowers cause we flew over together, but my name recollection for others has slipped by and I want to apologize for that. I do hope that everyone is doing well and if you want to, please E-mail me

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Binh Thuy Air Force Support Unit
This Patch is Courtesy of Jimmy Bishop
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