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        The Entire Brownwater navy in Vietnam Web Book is a copy of what is posted on the web at the time of your order. The Web Book is over 140 megabytes in size and contains over 1200 photos. It includes over 2100 guestbook entries and extras not on the web book. To you it could be a photo album, yearbook, historical documentary, or a collection of screen savers. You can browse it using Window Explorer or another Browser offline. The CD-Rom is available in the standard format for data CDs.

Brownwater Navy in Vietnam CD

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Brownwater Navy Web Book CD
A CD-ROM copy of this Brownwater Navy in Vietnam Web Book. Over 140 megabytes - Over 120 pages Over 1200 images - Over 2100 guestbook entries Contains Extras not on Webs Site - Raw info to be edited.

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