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Record 39
EMAIL =: jblicken[ at ]
NAME = JP Blickenstaff
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Boise Idaho
Time: 1998-05-22 19:37:19
Comments: Great Page. I was on the USS Canon PG-90. spent two tours in market time patrols 1970-71 We ran off shore and in the Cue Bo DE in the very southern tip of SVN at SeaFloat. Keep up the good work! JAN

Record 80
EMAIL =: chas128[ at ]
NAME = charlie mears
Referred by: Yahoo!
From: amarillo,texas
Time: 1998-08-20 11:09:01
Comments: i was aboard the U.S.S. CANBERRA from 1966to 1969.welcome home

Record 334
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
Time: 2000-01-31 23:10:21

Record 351
Record 75
EMAIL =: williamm[ at ]">Dr.William M.
Website: Geraghty family genealogy pages
Referred by: Net Search
From: Cleveland,Ohio
Time: 2000-03-02 03:45:53
Comments: Well,I've seen the pages;and they look good;however-where are the LSMR's??-They had the fire power of 7 destroyers( Rocket Boats) They were a laugh a minute going up rivers(inset chuckle here).The White River had several names of affection from the crew A.K.A."The Binjo Maru" The Rocket Rain Maker" The laugh a minute boat...why there was nothing more fun than a pleasant day going 25 to 30 clicks up a river;getting stuck on a sandbar,meeting the friendly folk of the jungle(V.C) and killing them. I mean major....."FIRE FOR EFFECT" here. were not talking zapping one or two zips..nah!!! this is major stuff;Wipe out,The White River A.K.A."The RAT" caught two N.V.A. regular division off guard.they fired on us after the Mark 7's 10s and 12s began raining on them.(they all went to Buddah that day) great fun;and no bic!!! you had to see them in action...a big light show."Like the song of the times said(Song=river),a real song."What the world needs now is more LSMR's,that's the only thing there's just too little of."I was fire control from 68-70(so I know as I was dialing in the grids),up and down Nom, from I Corp to 4 Corp to Phoc Quac(great Noum Marm sauce-yum!) to the Cantho(cannot) and up the D."Hey kids what time is it?"I always remember that poster hanging in the barracks at Yokosuka,(slept there while in the yards) It said; "Join the Navy; Go to far away exotic lands;see interesting and unusual vegetation; meet interesting and different people and...............kill them...So make the pages complete...get some LSMR's in there.....and remember if their dead their V.C.I know our fearless Leader...Lieutenant j.g(junior god) Bonaparte said so. Wm.M.Geraghty.

Record 353
EMAIL =: jblicken[ at ]">Jan Peter Blickenstaff
Referred by: Net Search
From: Boise, Idaho
Time: 2000-03-08 15:40:12
Comments: Kent, great improvements! Now I'll have to dig out the old memory box and talk a wolk down memory lane. I was on the USS Canon PG-90. We were on Market Time patrols off the delta and gunfire support for Sea Float at Nam Cam in 70 and 71. Thanks for the pictures and keeping the memories alive. "Blick"

Record 358
The White River-LSMR-536; loaded out ammo in Cam Ranh Bay,Mark 7s;10s;12 Rockets;among other ordinance; When we finished we had liberty,usually the White Hats club; would be off limit to Marines and Army when the White River crew came in Some crew would go to Market time beach; others to "Gomers Cave" and others played football right on the sand at Market time.I was duty driver this meant getting a truck for the ship and driving around the bay,usually over to the Air Force side to get chow at the base.Cam Rahn is one picture perfect setting its a shame we didn't keep at least that part.The other LSMR's operating with us were The Clarion River;The St.Francis River and the Carronade.I have a manuscript on the two years I was there on the White River-named."Fire For Effect" as Fire Control man in C.I.C. I thought it would be an appropriate title. William M.Geraghty

William M.Geraghty <williamm[ at ]>
Unit/Ship= U.S.S.White River-LSMR-536, - YRS= 68-70 - base/location= Cam Ranh Bay,S.Vietnam
- Thursday, March 16, 2000 at 09:17:25 (PST)

Record 360
A great site,many memories,good and bad.Keep it rolling.

Shaun Myers
Unit/Ship= USS Krishna (ARL 38), - YRS= 70-71 - Saturday, March 18, 2000 at 22:02:46 (PST)

Record 362
The White River-LSMR-536; loaded out ammo in Cam Ranh Bay, Mark 7s;10s; 12 Rockets;among other ordinance; When we finished we had liberty,usually the White Hats club; would be off limit to Marines and Army when the White River crew came in Some crew would go to Market time beach; others to "Gomers Cave" and others played football right on the sand at Market time.I was duty driver this meant getting a truck for the ship and driving around the bay,usually over to the Air Force side to get chow at the base.Cam Rahn is one picture perfect setting its a shame we didn't keep at least that part.The other LSMR's operating with us were The Clarion River;The St.Francis River and the Carronade.I have a manuscript on the two years I was there on the White River-named."Fire For Effect" as Fire Control man in C.I.C. I thought it would be an appropriate title. William M.Geraghty

William M.Geraghty <williamm[ at ]>
Unit/Ship= U.S.S.White River-LSMR-536, - YRS= 68-70 - base/location= Cam Ranh Bay,S.Vietnam
- Thursday, March 16, 2000 at 09:17:25 (PST)

Record 469
Crockett PG-88 escorted Seafloat into the Song Bo De in June 1969. We did quite a few patrols of 7-20 days and then would return to Cam Rahn for resupply and much beer. We were rocketed by 3.75 rockets made in Crane, Indiana(probably taken off a Bronco) but,fortunately the personnel injuries were few and relatively minor. It was the longest and shortest year of my life and one which I recall on a daily basis. Great job on your website and if there are any PG sailors out there who aren't aware of the PG Reunion Group established in 1998 please check us out at Fair Winds, Paul Bennett

Paul Bennett <commanderb[ at ]>
UNIT/SHIP= Crockett PG-88, - YRS= 1969 - BASE/location= Cam Rahn Bay
FROM= Princeton, MA
- Thursday, September 14, 2000 at 08:17:00 (PDT)

Record 489
Fantastic site. Served aboard USS WHITE RIVER,transfered to PBR's and went to RivDiv 552 and stayed with RPG59 after the turnover. Would like to hear from some of my old shipmates.

Kenneth Hale <kennethr2000[ at ]>
UNIT/SHIP= USS White River LSMR 536 &RD552&RPG59 , - YRS= 68-71 - BASE/location= TraCu Thuy Nhon Tan Chau
FROM= Brackettville, Tx
- Friday, October 13, 2000 at 17:23:43 (PDT)

Record 522
Great site. The Brown water Navy did alot and never got the credit for it. I say this to all Brown water Navy Veterans, BRAVO ZULU, May God bless. Larry Hunter

Larry L. Hunter <LHunter536[ at ]>
UNIT/SHIP= uss white river lsmr 536, - YRS= 1965 to 1967 Ohio
- Tuesday, December 05, 2000 at 05:29:57 (PST)

Record 524
I was on an LSD, but I spent most of my time on a gunboat. Great site. Dan

Dan McGowan <bear10[ at ]>
UNIT/SHIP= USS Asheville PG-84, - YRS= 68-72 - BASE/location= Cam Rahn Bay/Vung Tau
FROM= Taunton, MA
REFFERED By= Just surfed on to it
- Friday, December 08, 2000 at 23:41:43 (PST)

Record 531
Reported onboard in December 67 , ,just in time for that wonderful vietnamese holiday "TET" there is a reunion planned again this year at Ft campbell KY ( outside cincinnati) hotel is called the Drawbridge , a nice place. Chuck Shea "

Chuck shea <cshea[ at ]>
UNIT/SHIP= USS WHITE RIVER LSMR 536, - YRS= 67-68 FROM= foster City CA, CA
REFFERED By= found it while searching the net
- Thursday, December 14, 2000 at 18:19:34 (PST)

Record 546
A great collection of photos and information. Really enjoyed reading what you have put together. Have had the opportunity to catch up with some of my Canon shipmates at last year's PG reunion. Will send some Canon photos as soon as I can find them.

Robert S. Herbert
UNIT/SHIP= USS Canon PG 90 , - YRS= 69-70 - BASE/location= Seafloat
- Saturday, December 30, 2000 at 16:57:38 (PST)

Record 557
One of the commissioning crew of the U.S.S. Marathon PG-89. Came aboard as a Seaman left as a GMG2. Was attached at Tacoma, WA where the Marathon was built, went through shakedown cruise, sea trials and prep. for deployment to S.E. Asia but never did leave the U.S. during this time. Our deployement dates were changed several times during the time I spent aboard her. Stayed with the ships company until transferred to the U.S.S. Evans (DE)in 1969. Never did leave the U.S. during this time.

Dave Luth GMG2 <luthdll[ at ]>
UNIT/SHIP= U.S.S. Marathon PG-89, - YRS= 2 - BASE/location= San Diego, CA
FROM= 1967-1969, OR
- Monday, January 15, 2001 at 12:23:35 (PST)

Record 579

Big Al
UNIT/SHIP= YFR888, - YRS= 68-69 - BASE/location= Da Nang
- Friday, February 02, 2001 at 13:28:10 (PST)

Record 580

If anyone from the Chevailer durning 1965 when we were in Vet Nam and Japan I would like to hear from you.Its been to long ago but there was A guy from Tx. we nick name him hirk. Ifound this by going to V.A. contact. Great site keep up the good work.

lonnie pack <lpack1[ at ]>
UNIT/SHIP= USS Chevailer DD 805, - YRS= 1.5 FROM= COLUMBUS, OH
- Saturday, February 03, 2001 at 12:59:16 (PST)

Guest Record 629
I served on one of the cutters (Pontchartrain)assigned to Gunfire Support for the ATSB at Song Ong Doc. Our cutter was not the one involved in that horrible friendly fire incident on 18 May of '70, but I still get sick thinking about it. We had been there from 17 April to 10 May. We ran a Medcap at the end of April, and I understand that the Petty Officer who was killed was the skipper of the boat that took us up river for that evolution. Pontchartrain returned to Song Ong Doc on the 26th of May. God Bless you guys......

NAME = Dave Desiderio <EMAIL = DADESID[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = USCGC Pontchartrain (WHEC 70)
YEARs in VIETNAM = 1970
- Tuesday, April 10, 2001 at 15:30:51 (PDT)

Guest Record 631
Outstanding site, great pictures!

NAME = Mark Reilman <EMAIL = mreilman[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = USS Asheville PG-84
BASEs or LOCATIONS= Cam Rahn Bay/Vung Tau
YEARs in VIETNAM = 69-72
FROM WHERE = Bellevue , Ky
REFFERED By = Web sufing
- Thursday, April 12, 2001 at 15:17:25 (PDT)

Guest Record 687
I am hoping someone has information for my friend about this Naval Ship LSMR409 he can't find anything on it if you have any information please e-mail me thanks!

NAME = Kerry <EMAIL = kerryangelgurl[ at ]>
- Thursday, June 07, 2001 at 21:02:51 (PDT)

Guest Record 710
Hello fellow Gator Navy types and coast line sailors. I was on 3 LSTs and the USS WHITE RIVER from 1964 to 1968, seeing action in Vietnam on each one. My memory is that we were just doing the jobs assigned to us and didn't think anything about being heroes or doing anything special. -- Looking back, we were actually heroes. We did our duties, didn't think about doing anything else and deserve the kudos of the AMERICAN PUBLIC. I know that the WHITE RIVER received the SecNavUnitCommendation (2nd highest award in the Navy) an no telling what else and I suppose each ship I was on received something. I know that the USS WEXFORD COUNTY (LST 1168) was hit in Sept. 65 but fortunately the shell didn't explode. We laughed it off at the time but looking back, I realize that the entire crew is lucky to be alive. The TOM GREEN COUNTY and the WASHOE COUNTY were also work horses and exceptionaly active and heroic, **Its really hard to believe that I could have seen so much action in 4 years. Even rode helicopters off the White River going to get the mail. Had to fly over hundreds of miles of jungles and even drop down in them to let troops off going to and coming back from Chu Lai. A great experience but wouldn't want to do it again. Me and my mail bag saw lot of action each time we pulled into port. Rode on swift boats, tanks, jeeps, tanks that went into the ocean, everything. WOULD LIKE TO HEAR FROM anybody onboard those ships (White River from around Mar 67 to July 68) (Wexord County around Dec. 64 to Mar 65) (Tom Green County arund Mar 66 to July 66) ( Washoe County around July 66 to Mar 67) The dates and people are obviously fuzzy at this point, especialy as I drank Vietnamese beer twice during those years and got completely wiped out. -- - - I spent several weeks at Monkey Mountain in Danang getting transferred from one ship ot another, was on shore patrol with a billy club and had to escort the drunk bus around the area while it was being attacked (I've never seen anything so incredibly dumb), and spent the last day there waiting for a swift boat to go down the entire coast of Vietnam to get to my new ship on operation I waited at the Vietnamese naval base, drinking Vietnamese beer, don't remember much about the ride down the coast except that we ran aground in enemy territory, etc. --- Anyway, it was a four year blast and I even found time to bring home a Philipphino wife. Salutes to all!! REMEMBER, we did the right thing. The USA let us down by fighting a limited war and not going after the enemy in North Vietnam. Thats why we won WW11 and WW1, we went after the enemy on their home ground (eventually). In addition, the protestors were protesting about the wrong thing ..... They should have been saying, Get in there, fight, get it over with and come home, not get out at any cost. REMEMBER, we can never fight another limited action. ITS WIN OR ELSE. DON'T FIGHT A HOLDING WAR!!!!! I believe that we did learn that lesson. WHAT EVER YOU DO..... Promote this slogan. No more limited wars. Go after the ENEMY. Regards. Wesley

NAME = WESLEY LANHAM <EMAIL = paperamericana[ at ]>
YEARs in VIETNAM = 3 1/2
FROM WHERE = boyntonbeach, fla
REFFERED By = Stumbled in
- Saturday, July 07, 2001 at 00:41:21 (PDT)

Guest Record 726
Hot, muggy and monsoonal. Need I say more? Vung Tau was heaven on earth.

NAME = Doug <EMAIL = duke525[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = USS St. Francis River LSM(R)-525
YEARs in VIETNAM = 67-69
FROM WHERE = Lakeside (San Diego), CA
REFFERED By = Met Kent a couple of years ago
- Wednesday, July 18, 2001 at 16:56:09 (PDT)

Record 831
Served aboard U.S.S. St.Francis River 525 - Aug 67-68 Served on U.S.S. Colonial LSD-18 for 3Mos. in San Diego. than I voluntered for order to NSA Saigon, where i ended up down in the Mekong Delta, aboard the Apl-26. in Dong Tam. Spent last few Months in Nha BE, before returning home. Served aboard U.S.S. Midway CVA-41 - 69-70 I belong to the St.Francis River Assoc. and Mobil Riverine Force Assoc. But I would like to hear from some of the guys off the A.P.L -26 during the period I served one her. I was a En.3 at the time.

NAME = Ronald L. Bakert <EMAIL = phyllisron[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = U.S.S. St. Francis River - 525 = A.P.L.-26
BASEs or LOCATIONS= Dong Tam - Nha Be
YEARs in VIETNAM = 1967-69
FROM WHERE = Marshall,, MO.
REFFERED By = Found Link on Mobil Riverine Force Web. Site
- Tuesday, October 02, 2001 at 18:30:00 (PDT)

Record 906
It has been awhile since I was last here and I have been able to make contact with about 47 or 48 former crewmwmbers of the Carronade, some from the sixties and some from the fifties. One man was aboard during both commissionings. I'm sad to note that I found out my ship (like many others) was scrapped up in Washington in the early 70's. Sigh... I was able to get a copy of the de-commissioning program from one of the guys and read it. When I got to the part, "dismiss the crew", it got to me and I cried. I'm not ashamed to admit it as I am sure that all of you understand. This was a major part of our young lives. I had volunteered for the PBR's but wasn't taken, maybe because I was still a Canadian citizen at the time and in retrospect, maybe it was for the best, who knows. On the Carronade I made five combat cruises to 'Nam from Yokosuka and we moved all over "I Corps", one time even ending up off of the west coast area. Ruined our trip to Australia as we were only 400 miles north of the Equator when we got orders to turn around and lurk in that area. All we did was steam in circles for a week, bummer, still a "pollywog", hahaha. My step-dad was on the ship with me and HE would have enjoyed initiating me... Anyway, all for now, still looking for more of the Carronade crew and, crew or not, you are all welcome to visit my webpage.. Welcome Home...

NAME = Bernard Howlett
WEB SITE = htt://
<EMAIL = husky5[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = USS Carronade IFS1; USS Bayfield APA33 (stateside only)
YEARs in VIETNAM = 66-67
FROM WHERE = Banning, Calif
REFFERED By = been here before (record 611)
- Wednesday, November 28, 2001 at 18:29:53 (PST)

Record 907
OOPS, I left off a letter frommy webpage URL. The one in this message is correct (give me a break, I'm having a gray moment)... Bernie

NAME = Bernard Howlett
<EMAIL = husky5[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = USS Carronade IFS1; USS Bayfield APA33 (stateside only)
YEARs in VIETNAM = 66-67
FROM WHERE = Banning, Calif
REFFERED By = been here before (record 611)
- Wednesday, November 28, 2001 at 18:37:57 (PST)

Record 925
i1966 would like to know ships personel namesfor the years of

NAME = peter wesley tanner <EMAIL = curtisnroes[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = uss carronade ifs1
BASEs or LOCATIONS= yokusuka japan
YEARs in VIETNAM = 2 years
FROM WHERE = san diego calif , california
- Sunday, December 09, 2001 at 11:00:16 (PST)

Record 935
Dear Brownwater Navy, concerning "Navy ships of the former South Vietnam and Cambodia that escaped to the Philippines". I have been trying to find info on my Father's WWII ship that escaped from South Vietnam in 1975 to the Phillipines and renamed "Oriental". If you can tell me the fate of this ship, the WWII crewmates would be so appreciative (was previously a WWII Patrol Craft - PC-1569. Please note the history at the bottom of this email. This means so much to my Dad. Sincerely, Paul Spears webmaster[ at ] History of the PC1569 --------------------------------- History: The U.S.S PC 1569 was laid down on 26 September 1944 at Sturgeon Bay, Wis., by the Leathem D. Smith Shipbuilding Co.; launched on 9 December 1944. The ship was donated to the Navy by the citizens of Grant County, Indiana, through purchases of War Bonds and was sponsored by Mrs. Nelle Hines, Chairman of the Grant County Defense Committee; and commissioned at New Orleans, La., on 14 March 1945 at 1400 hours, Lt. (jg.)John G. Davidson, USNR, in command. The submarine chaser put to sea on 29 March for post-commissioning tests and for shakedown training out of Miami, Fla. After some repairs at Miami, she put to sea again on 8 May bound for Key West, Fla., and several days of antisubmarine warfare (ASW) training. PC--1569 completed that mission on 12 May and set a course for the Panama Canal. She arrived at Coco Solo on 16 May and, two days later, transited the canal. The small warship left Balboa three days later; stopped at Sari Diego, Calif., from 27 to 30 May; and then headed for the Hawaiian Islands. She reached Pearl Harbor on 6 June and remained there until the 30th when she sailed, via Eniwetok, for the island of Guam. PC--1569 arrived in Apra Harbor on 15 July and, soon thereafter, began patrolling the Mariana Islands. That duty lasted through the end of the war in September. On 15 September, the warship departed Guam on her way to the Caroline Islands. She reached Woleai Atoll on 17 September and began superintending the evacuation of Japanese troops and the occupation of the base by American forces. She completed that duty on the 20th, headed back toward Guam, and arrived at Apra Harbor the following day. The subchaser operated out of that port until 10 October when she shaped a course for Okinawa. She stayed at Buckner Bay from 14 to 17 October and then continued on to the coast of China. She remained at Tsingtao only three days, 20 to 22 October, and then shaped a course for the Philippines. She made a two-day stop at Guinan on the island of Samar before heading back toward Guam on 29 October. PC--1569 arrived in Apra Harbor on 1 November. For the next six months, the ship continued to visit various ports in the Central Pacific. On 20 November, she departed Guam to escort a convoy of LCTs to sea for a rendezvous with Forster(DE--334). Returning to Apra Harbor on the 26th, PC--1569 remained there until 1 December when she got underway for Marcus Island which she visited from 4 to 18 December. The submarine chaser returned to Guam on the 21st, but put to sea on 10 January 1946 with a Ulithi-bound Coast Guard unit embarked. She delivered her passengers to Ulithi on the 12th and returned to Apra Harbor on the 14th. The subchaser remained in the Marianas for almost two months. She got underway for Iwo Jima on 6 March and stopped over there from 9 to 13 March. The warship made two round-trip voyages carrying cargo and passengers from Iwo Jima to Chichi Jima between 13 and 26 March. On 1 April, she departed the Bonin Islands to return to Guam. PC--1569 arrived in Apra Harbor on 4 April and remained there until the 20th. On the latter day, she began the long voyage back to the United States. After stops at Eniwetok Atoll and at Pearl Harbor, she arrived in Astoria, Oreg., on 26 May. She shifted to Portland, Oreg., on the 28th and, on 15 June, began an inactivation overhaul at the Northwest Marine & Iron Works. On 23 July, the submarine chaser was towed back to Astoria, Oregon where she was placed out of commission on 9 August 1946. The ship remained berthed with the Astoria Group (Columbia River Group), Pacific Reserve Fleet, for the next 14 years. On 15 February 1956, she was named Anacortes. Her name was struck from the Navy list on 1 June 1960, and (at Seattle, Washington) she was transferred to the Republic of Vietnam on 23 November 1960 and renamed Van Don (HQ 06). She escaped to the Philippines, 1975 and renamed Oriental. Fate unknown. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships, Vol.I, Part A - p 272

NAME = Paul Spears
<EMAIL = webmaster[ at ]>
- Thursday, December 13, 2001 at 14:03:05 (PST)

Record 966
On board during sapper attack ,remember like it was yesterday.Have been in contact with Gene Mackey last year.Wonder where Cochi ,and the other F.G.are,can;tremember names that well .Have a 26 year old son 1ST.LT. Marine Corp. helicopter[ch-46] pilot will be deployed July 2002 to Afganistan area most likely ,what goes around comes around.

NAME = Bill Donovan <EMAIL = NANDON [ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = Gallup PG-85
BASEs or LOCATIONS= Cam-Rahn+Seafloat
YEARs in VIETNAM = 1969-1971
FROM WHERE = Bethlehem, N.H
- Sunday, January 06, 2002 at 07:34:52 (PST)

Record 979
I proudly served on the USS CLARION RIVER under LT.Commander Cagle. I would like to hear from buddies!I remember Mack Kalihiki from Hawaii,also Porfirio Mendoza,Robert Mendez, Mediano, Juan Cuellar, Alvino Sosa, My good buddy, Luis Tristan.I've enjoyed all these web sites and viewing all the photos, brings back so many memories!

NAME = jose ruben ramon <EMAIL = gabe1262[ at ]>
YEARs in VIETNAM = 1969-70
- Saturday, January 12, 2002 at 12:18:10 (PST)

Record 994
Served on Antelope during it's initial tour in Nam through early April of 1971.Proud to have been part of Brown Water Navy and thankful that we on the Antelope were fortunate enough not to have lost any crew during our tour in country.

NAME = Ronald F. Currie <EMAIL = rcurrie[ at ]>
BASEs or LOCATIONS= Bo-De & Cu-Lon Rivers, Seafloat
YEARs in VIETNAM = 69-71
FROM WHERE = Waterville, Me.
- Sunday, January 20, 2002 at 17:40:18 (PST)
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