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Record 35
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Time: 1998-05-16 04:27:00

Record 54
EMAIL =: jerryaz[ at ]
NAME = Jerry Pujat
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Time: 1998-06-30 19:37:08
Comments: I was with Co. C, 3/47th, 9th Inf. Div. 1967-1968 and sure got an interesting "look" at Vietnam. Just wanted to say a big "thank you" to all the guys of the Brown Water Navy who helped make life a little easyer for us grunts. You guys did a great job. I know that this is a little late in saying thank you but you all helped make my life as a grunt a little bit better.

Record 64
EMAIL =: shtgun[ at ]
NAME = John A. (Shotgun Jack) Carpenter
Website: Shotgun Jack's Home Page
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: No. CA
Time: 1998-07-26 23:47:41
Comments: I came here from Linda's site "Mom's Vietnam Vet Message Board and Buddy Search", from her VN Vet's Links. I am really disappointed that you didn't include the Airboats of A-404 of the IV Corps Mike Force!!:>) On a more serious note, I have pictures of the Vinh Te Canal about the same time, it seems the water was alittle higher in my picture of the Minesweeper, and the mountain in the picture was, as I remember, on the left as you were going toward Tinh Bien; so the mountain I am sure was Nui Giai. I worked with the PBR's during the dry season; they would take us (IV Corps Mike Force) up the canal to set up ambushs. I normally had about 30 Chinese or Cambodian troops with me, with me as the only American. Also; I know, I know, picky, picky, picky:>), it was Chau Doc!!! You will find some pictures on my pages of the Airboats, but I have at least a hundred I need to get scanned. Highest Regards, John (aka Shotgun Jack), IV Corps Mike Force, 5th Special Forces Group, The Mekong Delta, RSVN, Sep.'69-Nov.70.

Record 74
EMAIL =: bobkely[ at ]aol
NAME = Bob Kelly
Referred by: Word of Mouth
From: S.F., CA (then) SLC, UT(now)
Time: 1998-08-08 22:38:57
Comments: I read about this site in an article in a local newspaper by Ron Cook. He spent the first seven months at Rach Soi in 1971. I was in country with several Army units in I Corps (and other places) in 69-70.

Record 82
EMAIL =: rossie[ at ]
NAME = Chuck Ross
Referred by: Net Search
From: Reno, Nevada
Time: 1998-08-24 03:39:35
Comments: Great site. Very familiar stuff. I was an Army fixed-wing pilot at Can Tho and knew the entire Mekong Delta very well. On Armed Forces Day, 1968 my roommate and I took a ride, for fun, on a PBR. (It sounded like a good idea at the time.) Boat was to pick us up off a floating dock at Can Tho, but the throttle jammed and it charged right up on top the float - chased us up the ladder. Despite that start, it was one of the most memorable days of my life. We went about thirty miles down the Bassac on a MEDCAP. Stopped at several villages. Took lots of pictures. Finally I wandered off alone, down a treeline taking pictures. A little girl tugged at my sleeve, pointed at some hootches about thirty yards away and said: "VC." So, I didn't take any more pictures. In fact I went back and stood by the twin fifties for a while.

Record 117
EMAIL =: ramled[ at ]
NAME = Ed St. Clair
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Pueblo, Colorado
Time: 1998-11-11 01:55:42
Comments: Second time I've gone through your pix and stories. Thought I signed a guest book about a year ago. I used to fly into Rach Gia during 1968. Who can ever forget buzzing the guards so they could lower the gates to block road traffic so we could land. I was the senior engineer advisor to the 21st Infantry Division, located in Bac Lieu. I actually worked mostly with the 21st Infantry Division Engineer Battalion, which was stationed in Soc Trang. Never knew you guys were there, near Rach Gia! Some coordination, huh? Spent many days in your area. We were responsible for the lower six provinces, and I spent time in Rach Gia, Can Tho, Bac Lieu, Ca Mau, Cha La, and down into the UMinh Forest. Was in country, 17 Jan 68 - 9 Jan 69. As before, your pix of Rach Gia bring back old memories. The "Brown Water Navy" is a marvelous piece of work! Ed St. Clair LTC, EN, AUS, RET

Record 123
EMAIL =: mcgowan[ at ]
NAME = David McGowan
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Huntingtown, MD
Time: 1998-11-24 22:20:40
Comments: Hope ya don't mind an "Army Puke" leaving a message, but I was at Rach Gia 2/69-2/70 as the Army Birddog pilot (Shotgun 33) flying from the short strip. Lots of fond memories of the Navy PBRs, SeaWolfs, Seals, etc. Salute to the Navy!

Record 136
EMAIL =: quarmr[ at ]
NAME = Bob Quarm MSG USA ret
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Spanaway, WA vic Tacoma
Time: 1998-12-22 07:16:21
Comments: Good site!!! us army guys would come by whaler to beg food and enjoy the best coffee around Vinh Long. Good scrounging, thanx. Served with MAT IV-7 out of Minh Duc district on the Mang Thit canal feb-jul 69.. the hotel we visited was anchored near Vinh Long city and Sadec.. Merry Christmas and here's to absent friends..

Record 159
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
Time: 1999-02-14 05:57:28

Record 197
EMAIL =: jimallen[ at ]
NAME = Jim Allen
Referred by: Net Search
From: Grand Junction, Colorado
Time: 1999-04-15 21:36:02
Comments: Enjoyed the pages! I looked because I'm doing research for a novel. I make my living as a writer (some 1500 magazine article and three non-fiction books so far) but am starting on a novel. Since I'm an old Army guy ('72-75) and my novel involves the "Army's navy" in Vietnam, I wonder if you have any knowledge in that area or can direct me to people who do. There is literally ZIP written about it. Any leads could be helpful, even if it's just from memory. I knew some guys who ran parts of the Mekong in Army watercraft, but my memory is dim as to what they said. Thanks! Jim Allen

Record 246
NAME = Mac
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
Time: 1999-08-14 17:30:28
Comments: The Cobra in your photo appears to be a Crusader from D Troop 3/5 Cav. I was a Crewchief for the Longknifes which was the lift platoon and Control and Command aircraft for the Troop. Spring of 1970 we engaged a large force of NVA outside of a small SF camp near the Cambodian border in which we had a small A Team involved and consistant high volumn of ground fire on our gunships and my aircraft. We were allowed to refuel and rearm on a barge that was in the river not to far from the action. The speed in which we were rearmed by the personel on that craft was outstanding and prevented a possible loss of that A Team. I would like to thank all of the men on that craft that day. It turned the tide for us and will always be in my memory. You chow was also outstanding ...had not had steak in 6 months.

Record 250+6
EMAIL =: chipstan[ at ]
NAME = Chip Stanley
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
Time: 1999-08-29 05:37:53
Comments: Enjoyed your photographs. I was stationed in Chau Doc Province in 1969-70 with Army. Your web page got me to wondering if YRBM 16 was in the Bassac at the time. I remember working with an outstanding Lt. Cmdr. Crow at the time. He pulled out all the tricks. I have trouble remembering much these days about those days. Thanks

Record 296
EMAIL =: whs_jr[ at ]">William H. Strobel, Jr.
Referred by: Lycos
From: Warminster PA
Time: 1999-11-23 15:54:05
Comments: I served in Nam from Apr 1970 to Apr 1971. My duty stations were many including Admin Officer for Mobile Riverine Force in Dong Tam, Patrol Officer for RivDiv 153 out of Nha Be, CSO for RivRon 15 in Bin Thuy, and finally Senior Advisor to RID-47 in Go Dau Ha.

Record 305
EMAIL =: rafa[ at ]">Ralph R. Rice MR1(ret.)
Referred by: AOL
From: Nevada
Time: 1999-12-17 08:08:38
Comments: Served first tour in country at NSAD Qui-Nhon 69-70 repairing swift boats,served a second tour with Naval Advisory Group in Cat-Lai 71-72 with ARVN RAG. That photo of the Annapolis hotel brought back memories of the first days in country.

Record 323
EMAIL =: XRAY1DAVE[ at ]AOL.COM">David M. White
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Spokane, WA
Time: 2000-01-14 19:07:17
Comments: Two tours, 1st on the USS Evens (DE1023), ship arrived in Aug 1964 within weeks of the attack on C. Turner Joy. Second tour in the Army as an MP in Siagon. Arrived just in time for TET. Helped recapture the embassy. LOVE this site

Record 325
EMAIL =: dvenerable[ at ]">Don E. Venerable a.k.a V D
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Oakland Calif.
Time: 2000-01-17 02:57:27
Comments: First, I want to say welcome home. I served in the US Navy from 1967 to 1969 active. first aboard the USS Matthew AKA 96, and with NSA Da Nang, as a cargo, handler Wenchman. I now live in Mtn. View ca.

Record 329
EMAIL =: JONAM68[ at ]">John Pomponio
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Cherry Hill, NJ
Time: 2000-01-24 03:58:33
Comments: Excellent website. Was in US Army, stationed on the Saigon River at Camp Davies, just north of Nha Be(68-69.I was in the 4th Transportation Command. Keep up the good work!!

Record 348
EMAIL =: www.dpell4018[ at ]">Tom Pelleteir
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Weymouth,Mass
Time: 2000-02-23 17:52:34
Comments: I was in Country 5/03/69-4/07/70 and was with the 458th PBR Trans company at Cat Lai.A friend told me about the site.It is very informative keep up the good work.

Record 354
EMAIL =: norwill1[ at ]">Bill Northrop
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Time: 2000-03-10 01:15:18
Comments: Hi Kent. Found your page while surfing. I was with the 458th Trans Co [army] from 2/68 to 11/69. You have an excellent site here and I can see it will take some time to go through and enjoy it all.

Record 355
EMAIL =: River1[ at ]">Jim Anderberg
Website: Brave Marine, Dead Marine
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Bakersfield, Ca.
Time: 2000-03-10 14:35:15
Comments: Great Pics of Nha Be and the Iron Mikes! I have quite a few photo's myself and am in the process of scanning them for a similiar web site. 458th PBR 1969-71.

Record 356
EMAIL =: Kilowhskey[ at ]">Kerry Myers
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Mill Valley, CA
Time: 2000-03-11 21:42:18
Comments: You have a terrific site! I sailed as a snipe for two years in the Army's Navy aboard the USAV Page a 338-foot Beach Discharge Lighter. Far be it from the Army to call them LSTs. Never got further up river than Vung Tau on July 4th, 1967. We were nominally home ported in Cam Ranh Bay but sailed continuously between Chu Lai and Phan Thiet.

Record 367
anyone interested in aquiring a 1/35 scale model of a monitor or a PBR,both models need to be assembled and painted, you will need some modeling skills,models are quite accurate and make a very imprresive display,upon request will provide source for both models,the monitor is being sold for about $150.00 dls and the pbr is about$37.00dlrs,welcome home and god bless.

SFC Hugo E.Benavente <Borregos[ at ]>
Unit/Ship= 11th Armored cav, - YRS= 1968 - base/location= CU CHI
- Wednesday, March 22, 2000 at 12:58:15 (PST)

Record 374
Webmaster/Ken Thanks for the memories. Good Site. Spent some time with the PBRs from Vinh Long and Sadec base on the Co Chien river, Mang Thit Canal and the Bassac river. Lasted till 16 Jul 69 when sir charles got lucky with a B40 and nailed the boat I was on. One of a four boat patrol returning from Can Tho via the canal enroute to home base, by then Sadec, I think. I dont think the twin 50 gunner was as lucky as I. Question. Can you post photos from a floppy, or a photo cd to your site.? I have a few PBR shots from 69. Thanks again, Bob Quarm aka Lucky Army Guy.

Bob Quarm <quarmr[ at ]>
Unit/Ship= MACV MAT IV-7 USA, - YRS= 1969 - base/location= Minh Duc, Vinh Long, Mang Thit Canal and Co Chien River
- Tuesday, March 28, 2000 at 07:41:51 (PST)

Record 502
great site! lot's of memories. do you have a contact in the 458th Trans. Co. (PBR)?

david faulkner <dafturbo[ at ]>
UNIT/SHIP= LCU 1575 (Super Goof), - YRS= 1968 - BASE/location= 329th Trans. Co.(Heavy Boat)
FROM= san diego, ca
REFFERED By= surfed by
- Tuesday, November 07, 2000 at 15:50:09 (PST)

Record 515
Hell of a nice site.

Jerry Maxham <oscarwilde[ at ]>
UNIT/SHIP= 269th Ord Det (EOD), - YRS= 69-71 - BASE/location= downtown DaNang, 45 Quang Trung St.
REFFERED By= search
- Tuesday, November 28, 2000 at 11:35:52 (PST)

Record 536
Still a great site. Merry Christmas all. Absent friends.

Bob Quarm <quarmr[ at ]>
UNIT/SHIP= US Army/MACV/MAT IV-7, - YRS= 69 - BASE/location= Minh Duc, Vinh Long
FROM= Spanaway(Tacoma), WA
- Saturday, December 23, 2000 at 06:46:26 (PST)

Record 571
Supplied Ice Cream via LST & Sealand Van in '69 to 6 Navy Boats anchored in Harbor as a jesture of inter-service cooperation. For that I was dubbed "The Dairy Queen of The Delta" thru channels......Has provided lots of laughs during the past 30 years......Thanks Navy!!
Sincerely, Al (formerly Lt. Bordeau)

Al Bordeau <abordeau[ at ]>
UNIT/SHIP= 9th S&T US Army, - YRS= 68-69 - BASE/location= Dong Tam
FROM= Stowe, VT
REFFERED By= Web Search
- Monday, January 29, 2001 at 15:26:31 (PST)

Record 575
Great site brings back many memories.Worked closely with the 9th division from May 1967 til April 18th 1968 when I was seriously wounded while serving as a helicopter pilot.Was evac'd to Japan and finally home.The names of the areas in which you operated was our old stomping ground especially in the Dong Tam/Ben Tre/Mytho area.Keep up the good work.CW2 Darwin C. Mininger

darwin c mininger <dmininger[ at ]>
UNIT/SHIP= 135th/191st ahc, - YRS= 1967/68 - BASE/location= blackhorse/bearcat
FROM= mobile, al
REFFERED By= just surfed on in
- Wednesday, January 31, 2001 at 13:44:42 (PST)

Record 586
I just want to say thanks

Paul D Goodman
UNIT/SHIP= Army, - YRS= 68-69 - BASE/location= Cam Rhon Bay
FROM= Taylor, Mi
- Saturday, February 10, 2001 at 23:06:35 (PST)

Guest Record 664
I really like the site, it is great. I would like to know if anyone out there remembers a guy who was in country in 1969, in the brown water navy who's name is Robert E. Wensel. He is from Pa. that is all I know. Thank You.

NAME = Robert Imler
<EMAIL = roberti68[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = 1st Cav. Div.
BASEs or LOCATIONS= all over, was on 155mm Arty.
YEARs in VIETNAM = 1969-1970
FROM WHERE = Ryot, Pa.
REFFERED By = no one
- Sunday, May 13, 2001 at 07:37:34 (PDT)

Guest Record 668
the 329th supported the marines in eye corp, and was based in danang harbor near camp tien sha. we later moved down the coast to vung tau and supported the army at dong tam and throughout the delta. always envied you PBR guy's. great job on the site!

NAME = David Faulkner <EMAIL = dafturbo[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = 329th Trans. Co. (Hvy Bt) LCU 1575
BASEs or LOCATIONS= Danang, Vung Tau, Can Tho
YEARs in VIETNAM = 1968
FROM WHERE = San Diego, CA
REFFERED By = Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club
- Monday, May 14, 2001 at 15:24:54 (PDT)

Guest Record 688
I was the District Phung Hoang (Phoenix) Army Advisor with the ARVN in Duc Tinh District, which included Sa Dec. We used to run combined ops with the navy riverine force based in Sa Dec -- mostly along the Mekong/Basac, but sometimes up the creeks and canals. I remember the navy mess hall in Sa Dec had by far the best US food around (not that there were many choices). I ate Thanksgiving dinner there twice on the same day. One op I went on with the riverine force was most interesting. I was with one other American advisor and we were along with our counterparts and an ARVN Regional Force platoon. We boarded landing craft at the navy pier and crossed to an island on the north bank of the Mekong we called "Football Field Island." One of the landing craft had a mortar mounted on it and that was to be our indirect fire support. There were also a couple of Swift boats along. The boats put us in and then stood off. We were looking for a VC camp from which VC came raiding into Sa Dec Province. The whole island was mud, mangroves, and little creeks. We found the camp (or at least a camp)-- a few hootches, a couple of individual weapons, ammo, the usual pile of documents -- but nobody except two women cooking a pot of rice almost the size of the ones cannibals have in cartoons. Charlie had obviously known we were coming and di-di'd. So -- we stopped for lunch (!) Remember -- these were ARVN. The advisors advised hot pursuit, but they were hungry. What rice they didn't eat, they tipped out and pissed on. THEN we went after the VC. As we were gearing up to leave. I looked at the two women and they looked very unhappy. I thought it was more for the wasted rice than this bunch of ARVN clowns chasing their menfolk. So -- I gave them a batch of piastres to pay for the rice. (Hey, I was young and American -- you pay for your food and don't upset ladies.) Off we went through absolutely foul ground. The mud stank; the creeks stank; bugs by the millions; and you couldn't see three feet away. You needed one hand to swat the bugs, one hand to hold your weapon, one hand to untangle yourself from the undergrowth, and one hand to hold of the branches whipping back from the guy ahead. And all they while, we could hear bits of music, shouts and laughter drifting our way from the navy holding position off the island. The we either caught up with Charlie or he caught us. We took fire from somewhere -- who could tell? Immediately, every ARVN started blazing away on full automatic in whatever direction his M-16 was pointed, then reloading and letting another magazine go. It was RRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPP! click-click-clack RRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPP! I looked over at the other American who, like me, had assumed the extremely prone position. He had the PRC-25 radio and was calling the navy for fire support. I snaked over and punched him and asked him if he knew where we were. He said he had no idea. I asked where the enemy was and he said he had no idea. I asked him how he was going to direct fire and he said he had no idea, but he wanted some. So I took the handset away from him and told them to wait. The firing died out, we we did a close-in search and found nothing, so we moved out. We finally got to a large creek too deep to ford and at last we knew where we were to some degree of accuracy. We figured that either the VC hadn't come this way or they had a gettaway sampan. We decided to call it a day. At least we had spoiled Charlie's lunch. We moved south alongside the creek to the south bank of the island and the boats came in to pick us up. As were were loading, we came under fire again. The boats hosed things down as we scambled aboard, but the fire continued, wounding one ARVN. When the craft I was on was loaded, THE RAMP WOULDN"T COME UP. The crew chief -- whatever his official title was, the guy in charge -- fought his way through squirming and yelling and ducking (and a few shooting) ARVN to the ramp and worked on it, but no joy. Meantime, Charlie is still popping away. Finally, the crew chief had the craft BACKED across the river. So we went backwards at full speed, with water swireling into the deck full of ARVN and me and the .50 hammering over our heads. Fun. We made it. On the 'friendly' side, the crew chief finally got the ramp closed by shoving up on the bank, cranking up on the ramp cable, and shoving again until it was closed and back to Sa Dec we sailed. Thank you, navy, for the good meals and getting my ass off that island. God bless America.

NAME = Jim Claxton <EMAIL = jdcalx[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = MACV Advisor Team 65
YEARs in VIETNAM = 1970-71
REFFERED By = surfed in
- Friday, June 08, 2001 at 11:07:53 (PDT)

Guest Record 703
Looking for any one who may have served with me there in Viet Nam at the same time I was there. I would like to hear from you at any time. I was wounded at Fire Base Rita Feb. 23, 1969. It would be nice to hear from an old Viet Nam buddy.

NAME = Robert Labombard <EMAIL = rlabomb1[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = Co D 2nd Battalion 5th Cavalry
BASEs or LOCATIONS= Fire Base Rita
YEARs in VIETNAM = 68-69
- Thursday, June 28, 2001 at 14:20:03 (PDT)

Guest Record 704
I am a first cousin of Jack Elliot who was killed in Vietnam in the brown water navy in late 1968. I was in the army at the time and stationed at Nha Trang. I knew Jack was in country but never got to talk to him or see him over there. I, and the rest of our family, would like to hear from anyone who served with Jack over there. We would very much like to hear any memories, experiences and reminiscences of Jack that anyone has. Anything you can send me will be shared with his two survivng brothers and the rest of our extended family. Thank you very much.

NAME = Chuck Provonchee <EMAIL = provonchee[ at ]>
YEARs in VIETNAM = 1968
- Sunday, July 01, 2001 at 05:02:58 (PDT)

Guest Record 705
Among the many camps I was at along the Cambodian border, I spent several weeks at Tra Cu ATSB. I remember that as one wild place. Mortar attacks, parachute flares, the awesome miniguns on the C-47 gunship, etc. Tra Cu scared the crap out of me many times during our short stay. For those of you who might've been based there, you might remember the 60 foot tall orange tower that supported our radar system. Our mission was to detect infiltration from HCM trail along the border. Welcome home to all Vietnam vets! Dave

NAME = David Stafford
<EMAIL = dstaffor[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = 25th Infantry Division Artillery, radar
BASEs or LOCATIONS= Tra Cu, Go Dau Ha, Ben Cau, Ben Soi, Tay Ninh, Loc Giang, FSB Crook, FSB Washington
YEARs in VIETNAM = 4/69 to 4/70
FROM WHERE = San Luis Obispo, CA
REFFERED By = surfed in
- Monday, July 02, 2001 at 12:57:20 (PDT)

Guest Record 706
A friend of mine flew Birddogs from Moc Hoa and he was friend with a Lt(jg) Mike Davidson. My friend's name is Dave Kling and while at Moc Hoa he was a Lt then a Capt (he was Army). If you knew either Dave or Mike please email me and I'll get the info to Dave.

NAME = Erik Bollin <EMAIL = wbollin[ at ]>
YEARs in VIETNAM = n/a
FROM WHERE = Lancaster, Oh
REFFERED By = web search
- Monday, July 02, 2001 at 19:16:38 (PDT)

Guest Record 718
I was in nam 1966 to 1968 on the USS Ranger 4th division looking for shipmates. TEX I know you need to get your name in all the guess books you can when looking for your old buddies. I have a website has nothing to do with veitnam but I would be honored if you would sign my guessbook. TEX

NAME = T Shaw
<EMAIL = Hunter24[ at ]>
YEARs in VIETNAM = 65 to 68
FROM WHERE = Palo Pinto, TX
REFFERED By = friend
- Wednesday, July 11, 2001 at 10:08:24 (PDT)

Guest Record 723
I can say that the good lordwatched over me, I transfered from cat-lo to IUWG-2, the day I left a young fellow ask if he could have my bunk becuse it had an electric plug neer it he wanted to plug in his radio,the next day the V.C.fired a b-40 round into the quanset huts and it hit his radio and he was hit with wires and parts from his radio, This could have been me. when the time came to go home thay senta young boy to replace me,I was32 yrs old at the time and i remebered how young he looked with his bright red hair, He got to the Base at 3pm and he got hit with a hand gernade that evening while walking in Cat-LO,he got hit in the ankle and budotts he suvived,he had 3 days in country,a short tour!had to whait another 30 days for a replacment,When I first got to Cat-Lo we were living in tents and had bunker to get in-to and a fighting trench to repell attacks,I have seen some pictures on your web site and thay sure have built the base up after I left. Ill close for now saying (Toi Goi ahn vay ahn Nha)Im Glad you got home. John Weiler

NAME = John a Weiler <EMAIL = JWeiler 542 [ at ] aol .com>
BASEs or LOCATIONS= Cat-Lo, 1/66-1/67 mt top vung tau68-69
YEARs in VIETNAM = 2 yrs
FROM WHERE = Albany , - Sunday, July 15, 2001 at 08:04:20 (PDT)

Record 736
This is a good site. I have seen writings and pictures of boats in the Mekong Delta, and even the Coastal Patrol type of craft, but never anything on River Operations in I Corps, particularly covering the Cua Viet River. I guess us Army "boatie" (Aussie friends term) took over after most of the US Navy and Marine Corps returned home. You Navy guys should take your place of "Honor" for your duty in I Corps during the more dangerous and critical phases of that War. "Brown Water" was not exclusively the Mekong Delta. Adios, Beau

NAME = Beau
<EMAIL = Beau[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = Army YFU in I Corps
BASEs or LOCATIONS= Da Nang was our home base
YEARs in VIETNAM = 1971
REFFERED By = just curiosity
- Saturday, July 28, 2001 at 07:25:16 (PDT)

Record 741
Hello to everybody who was there. Thanks for the website!

NAME = Don Skuce <EMAIL = donskuce[ at ]>
YEARs in VIETNAM = 3/1768-4/22/69
FROM WHERE = Warwick, RI
REFFERED By = Surfed on
- Thursday, August 02, 2001 at 06:57:44 (PDT)

Record 742
I'm totally new at this computer thing. I had 305 combat patrols, and recieved two brown stars with combat V's. I would rather have a cup of hot chocolate. The applesause and peaches were good too. As an advisor we saw more of the country than most,like fishing with grenades! I have been in the VA systym for awhile and they take real good care of me. Vietnam is like yesterday in my mind,but,I rember the good times. I would like to talk with all members of BROWN WATER NAVY, we saw more combat than most marines. My call sighn was SMOKE EATER 26. I would like to talk with Tom O'Malley,Boston Mass.,just for the hell of it. Your web site is great!!! Thanks again,Larry.

NAME = Larry Crozier <EMAIL = Lecro9515[ at ]>
YEARs in VIETNAM = 70&71
FROM WHERE = Easton, PA.
REFFERED By = Searching Net
- Thursday, August 02, 2001 at 17:25:34 (PDT)

Record 746
I was in Nam from Jan66-Aug70 and Dec71-Jan73 and am a retired Army Master Sergeant. Worked intel for all services and was in the Delta to give briefings. I am looking for anyone who was at Moc Hoa and remembers Sylvester's Club for a research project of mine. Thanks.

NAME = Howard A. Daniel III
<EMAIL = Howard[ at ]>
YEARs in VIETNAM = 6 years
FROM WHERE = Deltaville, VA
REFFERED By = Surfed In
- Sunday, August 05, 2001 at 18:14:39 (PDT)

Record 776
Bitter sweet thoughts and memories. Flew with US, Austrailian, and New Zeland groups. Favrite times Hail and Fairwell Parties for the Aussies round eyed strippers and flaming butts races (lit newspapers held between buttucks of returnees).

NAME = Wayne Donelson <EMAIL = donelson[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = 765th Transportation Btn
BASEs or LOCATIONS= Vung Tau Airbase
YEARs in VIETNAM = 69-70
FROM WHERE = Nairobi, Kenya, - Tuesday, August 21, 2001 at 07:49:46 (PDT)

Record 804
I served as a Combat Medic (91B20)while in the 4th/4th and 3rd/39th. I have been lucky and have been able to forget most of the names and faces that decorate my nightmares of days gone by but I am still looking to find the following: SFC Bruce Bean, Sgt. Glenn Chapman, Sgt Gullet (sp?), Sgt. Tinker, Lt. R. A. Smith. I am also looking for two other Medics that became Physican's Assistants from the 47th along with me: CWO Robert Woods and CWO Russell Utter W. L. Rockwell (Doc Rock) CW3 U.S. Army MC Ret.

NAME = Willaim L. Rockwell <EMAIL = BrujiaBlanca[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = B Co. 4th/47th, E Co. 3rd/39th
BASEs or LOCATIONS= APB 36, APB 40, Kien Hoa
YEARs in VIETNAM = Nov. 68 Aug. 69
FROM WHERE = Bastrop, Texas
- Saturday, September 08, 2001 at 14:29:11 (PDT)

Record 826
Hi: I was frequently in Tra Cu with my company. We worked regularly with the Navy along the banks of the Vam Co Dong Follows is an article I wrote: During the late summer of 1969 the mission of the 1/27 changed from one of large company size reconnaissance in force operations to one of small unit (platoon and squad) ambush and interdiction operations. These operations were configured to deny the NVA supply access to the populated areas of Hau Niga Provence ( west of Cu Chi) and to stem the flow of supplies and troops flowing from the end of the Ho Chi Minh trail in Cambodia into the Saigon Area. In late July 1969 the 1/27 relocated and constructed Fire Support Base Chamberlain on the Bao Tri ( provincial capital oh Hau Niga Provence) and the Duc Hua/Saigon Road which effectively cut of the flow of material moving south along the highway. The battalion then began operations to the west in areas that were former rice and pineapple fields ( now overgrown, laced with tunnels, supply caches and booby traps) the area extended to the west to the Vam Co Dong River and from the west banks of the river to the Cambodian border. To accomplish the mission the combat companies were assigned to various RIF , interdiction and ambush duties throughout the AO the object being to create a maze of ambush and check points between the border and the populated areas that were adjacent to the Bao Tri/Duc Hua road. Part of the process assigned 1/27 troops to duty on the Vam Co Dong River in conjunction with the U.S. Navy and the RVN Navy. 1/27 companies were assigned on a rotating base to Tra Cu navel station which was at the intersection of the Vam Co Dong and the Tui Nau industrial canal. This station was approx. 5 miles from the end of the Parrots Beak and the terminus of the Ho Chi Minh trail. The Tra Cu station contained a real mixed bag of forces and units : U.S. Navy Swift boat (PBR) detachment, RVN Navy with U.S. advisors operating as a River Assault and Interdiction unit with armored landing craft and monitor type vessels, A U.S. Army Infantry Company who operated with the Navy , A Special Forces detachment and a group of Cambodian Mercenaries one of who=s mission was planting listening devices along the Ho Chi Minh trail and monitoring NVA base camps in Cambodia, A military intelligence listing unit who monitored and processed the raw intelligence from the listening device, a 155mm Artillery Battery and a detachment of Air boats similar to the ones seen in the Florida everglades. The activities along the river for the B Co 1/27 were fairly simple. We worked with the Navy stopping and monitoring river traffic. We were on alert as a rapid reaction force if the Special Forces got into trouble and we conducted RIF=s during the day and ambushes at night along the banks of the river at likely crossing points. A typical operation might be looking along the bank for signs of enemy activity, prepping the area with a small fire artillery fire mission to clear out the booby traps, landing a platoon of infantry and conducted reconnaissance the area looking for enemy activity, locating supply caches or stirring up a fight. Night operations were similar we split up the companies and put in ambush patrols at likely crossing points along the bank to lay in wait for enemy troops attempting to move across the river. Enemy contact was frequent but usually small units and resulted in the NVA being redirected back across the Cambodian border to their sanctuaries. The worst enemy was the booby traps along the crossing point and protecting the supply caches we uncovered. The majority of our casualties were booby trap related but during the course of the operations along the river we took several prisoners, produced some body count, and captured untold amount of weapons and supplies. Were we successful? I think so. We saw the farmers move their fields back into former VC areas and reclaim land closer to the river. In addition when I arrived at FSB Chamberlain as it was being constructed you needed to go via heavily armed convoy to get to Duc Hua and then on to Ben Hua and Saigon. By the time the end of 1969 rolled around you thought nothing of taking a jeep and driving into the city like any other tourist. Yea Wolfhounds !!! Henry P Bergson Cpt. Armor B Co. 1/27 Infantry 25th Infantry Division 1969 - 1970 Photos: From Stars and Stripes Oct 2, 1969 From left to right Cpt.Hank Bergson B 1/27 1Lt Rick Deandrea B 1/27 GM3 Rick Green RAID Team 71 Sp4 Richard Green B 1/27 From Stars And Stripes Sept 14, 1969 Left to Right: 1LT Winn Fowler B 1/27, GM3 Dick Green Raid team 71, 2LT John Arnold 25th Div Arty FO, 1LT Rick Deandrea B 1/27 , CPT Henry P. Bergson B 1/27

NAME = Henry P. Bergson <EMAIL = hank[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = Bco 1/27 Infantry 25th Div
BASEs or LOCATIONS= CuChi, Chamberlain, TraCU
YEARs in VIETNAM = Feb 69 -Feb 70
- Sunday, September 30, 2001 at 14:20:32 (PDT)

Record 861
During my time in SVN I was a very young grunt,served 20 years in the Oz Army and am now like many others of our era, permanently incapicated but keep what brain cells I still have left active by doing voluntary work assisting other vets with dealings with out Vet Affairs Dept.The info I seek on behalf of a Navy vet is confirmation of a Vietnamese, probably a buddist monk,burning himself to death at Cat Lo area around 6th to 8th June 1966-any info would be appreciated. God Bless.

NAME = Trevor Dunne <EMAIL = boxcar[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = 5th Bn Royal Australian Regiment
YEARs in VIETNAM = 1966-67
FROM WHERE = Australia, WA
REFFERED By = a VetNet mate
- Thursday, November 01, 2001 at 05:43:29 (PST)

Record 873
My oldest brother Ray was a sniper in photo# 18 that you talk about. I was aboard USS San Jose AFS-7 from 1970 to 1971. Just wanted to say you did a great job! Thanks!

NAME = MSG (Ret) Dan Castro <EMAIL =>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = 1st of the 1st Army
- Tuesday, November 06, 2001 at 09:56:07 (PST)

Record 876
Visited from Phan Rang to Dong Ha, was in the Hue area cargoing to Hue or Dong Ha from December 1967 until rotation in April 1968. Caught a 130 from Da Nang to Cam Ranh to go home. I have some pictures, not many of the time from December '67 until leaving in April '68. I do have pictures of the '59 after the incident in Duc Pho in '67. I saw a sight from someone that was on the '59 after that period.I have pictures of the 97th Heavy Boat Company Beach at Cam Ranh and the '47 on dry dock at Cam Ranh in '67. I also have pictues of many of the boats of the 97th. I believe I have a slide of the '39 after the mine attack in '68 with her hull bent in the well deck about a foot. I haven't looked at the slides for a few years so I'm not sure what I have. I would like to hear from some of you, getting old now but still working and still making it happen.

NAME = Jim Pallas <EMAIL = ctn87816[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = U.S. Army LCU 1547
BASEs or LOCATIONS= 97th Heavy Boat Cam Ranh
YEARs in VIETNAM = 1967-1968
FROM WHERE = Washington, D.C.
- Wednesday, November 07, 2001 at 19:22:39 (PST)

Record 889
Looking for Alvin Green comp. C 1st. platoon 68/69

NAME = Charles L Wilber <EMAIL = sheryllwilber[ at ]yahoo>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = 3/47 inf 9th. inf. Div
BASEs or LOCATIONS= Tigar's Lair
YEARs in VIETNAM = 68/69
FROM WHERE = Clio, Mi.
REFFERED By = surfed in
- Thursday, November 15, 2001 at 18:55:10 (PST)

Record 930
I was assigned to the 268th Field Artillery Radar Detachment stationed at Vinh Gia on the Vinh Te Canal in 1970. We operated an ANTPS-25 radar which picked up enemy personnel movements in the area. We were assigned there with Navy personnel who suported PBR's and helicopter gunships. The Army's job was to detect enemy infiltration from Cambodia and the Vinh Gia location was a prime infiltration route. we notified the Navy Seawolves of the targets and they provided swift and effective target remediation. we also assisted PBR, Tango and Zippo boats while they were out on ambush. Our radar could detect enemy movement and location so we could keep ambush patrols appraised of live intelligence. Our radar detachment supported and directed Special Forces operations in the area. Ocassionally, we assisted SEALS in their operations. Our radar could scan an area 18 kilometers in radius. I don't know the Navy unit assisgned at Vinh Gia. I do know that we couldn't have survived without them in 1970.

NAME = Richard Solomon <EMAIL = solomon[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = 268th Field Artillery (Radar)
BASEs or LOCATIONS= Vinh Gia on the Vinh Te Canal
YEARs in VIETNAM = 1970
- Monday, December 10, 2001 at 22:17:30 (PST)

Record 939
Interested in any other grunts who were on this troop ship. The Navy treated us very well, even if they did eat our steaks when we were out on a mission. Ships' hot showers are still remembered with appreciation. Go Navy!

NAME = Sgt. Marshall Wiygul <EMAIL = Darline Wiygul[ at ]aol>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = 3rd of 60th 9th Infantry___Troop Ship= Ben Wah (?)
BASEs or LOCATIONS= Mekong River off Dong Tam, My Tho.........
YEARs in VIETNAM = Jan-Oct..1968
FROM WHERE = Snohomish, Wa
REFFERED By = no one
- Saturday, December 15, 2001 at 18:12:16 (PST)

Record 952
helped build hutches at service battery 3/34th arty used to drive birm reactionary force out to birm when incoming morters hit . also ended up on barge operated arty 3/34th arty . sure liked the navy boats that towed us from one fire position too another . They had lots of fire power . thanks for towing us safely and pulling gaurde on our flanks

NAME = Jerome king <EMAIL = jerry1[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = 3/34th artillery svc btry also barge operated artillery
BASEs or LOCATIONS= 9th Inf Div Dong Tam and river ways in Mekong Delta
YEARs in VIETNAM = 68-69
FROM WHERE = Greenville , Mi
REFFERED By = search
- Sunday, December 23, 2001 at 22:40:51 (PST)

Record 963
A friend of mine served on the LST Harrnet County. I have pictures of one of the times we landed on it while working for the Navy. I would like to find a web site that will give more info on the Harrnet County. Appreciate any help. Thank You.

NAME = Dave Norton <EMAIL = vnvet[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = 118th Assault Helicopter Company
YEARs in VIETNAM = Aug.68-April 70
FROM WHERE = Montesano, WA
- Tuesday, January 01, 2002 at 20:15:02 (PST)

Record 973
I was coxswain on the 14 of the 1097th in 68 pogonas was capt then he made three star general before he got out he was in charge of all logistics moved to saudi for desert storm.

NAME = John T. Perrine <EMAIL = jokervet[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = 1097th
BASEs or LOCATIONS= dong tam
YEARs in VIETNAM = 1968
FROM WHERE = plainfield , N.J.
REFFERED By = surfed on in
- Thursday, January 10, 2002 at 10:52:41 (PST)

Record 985
Nice site! I was with artillery, but enjoyed it. WANTED: Audiotapes of Vietnam radio traffic, fire missions, firefights, incoming, cockpit tapes, AFVN etc. Also Vietnam home movies on VHS and camcorder tapes of revisits. I have LOTS of the same to trade. Thanks!

NAME = Jim Claeys
<EMAIL = jrc48[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = 4th Inf Div
BASEs or LOCATIONS= Pleiku-An Khe
YEARs in VIETNAM = 1969-70
FROM WHERE = Akron, Ohio
- Wednesday, January 16, 2002 at 18:26:06 (PST)

Guest Record 668
the 329th supported the marines in eye corp, and was based in danang harbor near camp tien sha. we later moved down the coast to vung tau and supported the army at dong tam and throughout the delta. always envied you PBR guy's. great job on the site!

NAME = David Faulkner <EMAIL = dafturbo[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = 329th Trans. Co. (Hvy Bt) LCU 1575
BASEs or LOCATIONS= Danang, Vung Tau, Can Tho
YEARs in VIETNAM = 1968
FROM WHERE = San Diego, CA
REFFERED By = Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club
- Monday, May 14, 2001 at 15:24:54 (PDT)

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