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Record 21
Name: Ronald Hines
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: TX
Time: 1998-04-10 06:46:30
Comments: I am looking for any information on Engineman 2nd Larry A. Thomas. He served with River section 535, in 1967-68. Was my rear gunner at Chau Doc (Chau Phu) during the '68 Tet Offensive. QM1 Ron Hines would like to contact him or receive any information concerning him.

Record 41
Name: Tom Ward EN2
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Jefferson City Mo
Time: 1998-05-27 03:54:17
Comments: I served on the 16 from April 69 to April 70. I was the snipe that took care of the Mike boats and the 671's on the pusher barge. I stood mine sweep watch on the Mike boats at night and we ferried gas and ammo up the Tre Ton and French canals.Lt Shindler was the CO. Had some good times in Chau Doc and exciting times on the water. If anyone is out there give me a call.
Southside Drive Record 64
Name: John A. (Shotgun Jack) Carpenter
Website: Shotgun Jack's Home Page
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: No. CA
Time: 1998-07-26 23:47:41
Comments: I came here from Linda's site "Mom's Vietnam Vet Message Board and Buddy Search", from her VN Vet's Links. I am really disappointed that you didn't include the Airboats of A-404 of the IV Corps Mike Force!!:>) On a more serious note, I have pictures of the Vinh Te Canal about the same time, it seems the water was alittle higher in my picture of the Minesweeper, and the mountain in the picture was, as I remember, on the left as you were going toward Tinh Bien; so the mountain I am sure was Nui Giai. I worked with the PBR's during the dry season; they would take us (IV Corps Mike Force) up the canal to set up ambushs. I normally had about 30 Chinese or Cambodian troops with me, with me as the only American. Also; I know, I know, picky, picky, picky:>), it was Chau Doc!!! You will find some pictures on my pages of the Airboats, but I have at least a hundred I need to get scanned. Highest Regards, John (aka Shotgun Jack), IV Corps Mike Force, 5th Special Forces Group, The Mekong Delta, RSVN, Sep.'69-Nov.70.

Record 140
Name: Dale Porter
Referred by: Net Search
From: Kona, Hawaii
Time: 1998-12-30 08:14:46
Comments: Served on the YRBM 16 July 69 - June 70 as an electrician. Although I was support it was still the most intense year of my life. Hitched rides on hueys, verried aircraft, and once traveled the canal on a minesweeper drone. I can't remember all the names of my crew mates but can picture their faces and the times. God we were young! Would enjoy email from anyone onboard during that period. Went back to Vietnam in January '95 and again in Feb. '97. Toured Hue, Danang, Hoi An, Nha Trang and Siagon. My wife and I are going again in April and will make it up to Chau Duc and Tan Chau. Thanks for the site what a pleasant surprise.

Record 148
Name: Burke Salsi
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Greensboro, NC, originally from Pgh, PA
Time: 1999-01-17 21:27:28
Comments: GREAT SITE!! Served in the Delta on a Swift boat (PCF-12). Made a trip thru the Vinh Te to Chau Doc and then to the Mekong in Dec. '69. Operated with Advisors and ARVN there. Spent most of my time at Seafloat in the middle of the river there. Great photos and I sure remember it all. I may even have some photos of the same places when the monsoons had swelled the rivers. Keep up the great work! Served on the boats from 6/69-70.

Name: Erving Briggs
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: New Boston, Texas
Time: 1999-02-25 02:03:27
Comments: I really enjoyed your site, I was also in the Brownwater Navy. Stationed at Binh Thuy in the 1st DIV.(70-71) operating Mike 8 and Mike 6 boats. We made regular trips to Rach Soi, Chou Doc,Dong Tam, and alot of places I can't remember the names of. Spent three months at ATSB Moc Hoa on the Cambodian border( that was a trip).I hadn't thought of these places in 25 or so year. I remember going to, I think it was Rach Soi and catching a ride into Rach Gia, anyway whereever it was there was five or so sailors and we couldnot get a ride back so we decided to walk. It was around midnight, we started walking and I remember coming to a bridge and there was an old papa son on guard duty and he tried to get us to go back, we continued to walk. Anyway, small arms fire started up and we hit the side of the road. When I looked up I was laying on a grave staring at a tombstone, scared to death, I thought what a place to die.ha No one was hurt and we made it back. Thinking back on the situation it may have been papason having alittle fun.

Record 186
Name: Bobby Johnson
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Panama City, Fla
Time: 1999-03-31 21:52:43
Comments: Looking for a Navy Corpman by the name of Brian Culity. He should have been on board the YRBM-16 around Nov '68. Any idea on how to locate him? Also looking for a Brian Denney (SP ?) He was our yeoman for RiV Div 552 during the same time frame. Alos need to find a corpman who was assigned to an Army detachemnt at Tinh Bien on the Vin Te Canal west of Chau Duc. He would have been there Nov '68. This corpman rode our boat on 11-18-68 and saved my life. Need any leads to help find these people if possible. Ph 1-888-637-4615 ext 7419

Record 189
Name: Dale A Wilson
Referred by: Net Search
From: Salem Oregon
Time: 1999-04-05 00:28:24
Comments: I served on PBR Mobile Base 1 during the years of 68-69 if theres anyone out there that been there,lets get in touch. The base was in chou duc,in the delta.

Record 204
Name: Danny Foster
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: South Carolina
Time: 1999-05-08 02:35:29
Comments: GMG2 in RIVDIV 514 '68-69. Operated from Binh Thuy, Rach Gia ,Chau Duc(YRBM 16)...Boat Captain PBR #349..Great sight..would like to hear from anyone from my division..

Record 263
Name: Chip Stanley
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
Time: 1999-08-29 05:37:53
Comments: Enjoyed your photographs. I was stationed in Chau Doc Province in 1969-70 with Army. Your web page got me to wondering if YRBM 16 was in the Bassac at the time. I remember working with an outstanding Lt. Cmdr. Crow at the time. He pulled out all the tricks. I have trouble remembering much these days about those days. Thanks

Record 344
Name: terry manton
Website: na
Referred by: Yahoo!
From: dover NJ
Time: 2000-02-17 00:06:46
Comments: I was in river section 522 from July 1966 > july 67. My boat was pbr 62 which I noticed was damaged the night pbr 64 was sunk. I can't tell you how much it means to me to see the photos of the chou doc -tan chou area since I spent a good part of the year there. I even recognized the the river bank where the A boat was sunk near the rvn outpost, we were the first boat up that canal in 1967 when that outpost was over run the night before. I even believe GMG2 Patrick Ford who was killed was the boat commander of pbr 61 in 522 when I was there... Terry Manton

Record 350
Name: Lary Wolff
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Kansas
Time: 2000-03-02 03:25:42
Comments: Have been browsing your site. You've done a fine job. Enjoyed the pics as I was at some those same places. Started out with RD574 at Go Dau Ha on the Vam Co Dong and finished with 514 out of Chau Duc. Would like to hear from any others that were over there, especially ones from those Divisions. Keep up the good work and I'll check in again often. Best of luck, Lary Wolff 574-514

Record 441
I just stumbled onto your web page. From Mar to Sep, 1967, I was the Naval Intelligence Liaison Officer in Chau Doc, billeted with Team B42, USSF. Other than the Special Forces, a Navy medical team, the odd Air force FAC,& me,there weren't too many Americans in the area. Some time during that period, some type of YB was moved to Tan Chau & tied up to the bank on the south end of the town. It was not there until late in my tour, so it wasn't until the last time I was in Tan Chau that I went aboard. The vessel was new & clean, & the crew most hospitable. I especially enjoyed the air conditioning, something we didn't have in Chau Doc. I'm sorry I don't remember which YB this was.

Woody Stephens <wfstephens[ at ]>
UNIT/SHIP= N2, COMNAVFORV, - YRS= '66-'67 - BASE/location= Chau Doc
- Monday, July 31, 2000 at 11:22:36 (PDT)

Guest Record 622
I traveled the Delta as a Teletype repairman for STRATCOM from OCT 68- OCT 69. I had several occasions to visit the offshore barges at Chau Doc. I went out for a beer with some Navy fellows I met at the old french hotel where we had a detachment and they took me out to the big barge on a minesweeper. I also flew in on a Sea Wolf that was just giving me a lift from Moc Hoa. I got a tour of the boat and you Navy guys treated me well while I was there, its a bit belated but thanks. Spec 5 Dennis Stroklund 52nd Signal Bn Can Tho Viet Nam

Dennis Stroklund <dnastrok[ at ]>
UNIT/SHIP= Army, - Saturday, March 31, 2001 at 13:38:27 (PST)

Guest Record 648
I messed the first message see comments below

NAME = sammy brown <EMAIL = sammyb030[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = yrbm 20
BASEs or LOCATIONS= chau duc/ tan chau
YEARs in VIETNAM = 1970
FROM WHERE = Grand Cane, La,
REFFERED By = surfing
- Monday, April 23, 2001 at 20:10:03 (PDT)

Guest Record 647
I was on the yrbm 20 from sept 1970 til may 1971 would like to here from anyone onboard around that time. Spent the rest of my tour at LSB Dong Tam. Would like to hear from anyone that might remember me.

NAME = sammy brown <EMAIL = sammyb030>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = yrbn 20
BASEs or LOCATIONS= chau duc/ tan chau
YEARs in VIETNAM = 1970
FROM WHERE = Grand Cane, La,
REFFERED By = surfing
- Monday, April 23, 2001 at 19:59:20 (PDT)

Guest Record 646
I spent a year on the YRBM-20 and had some good friends on it. I have lots of slides of the barge fire, and the Cobra raising.

NAME = Lawrence Reeves <EMAIL = larry.reeves[ at ]>
BASEs or LOCATIONS= Cho Doc and Tan Chow
YEARs in VIETNAM = 1-1970 to 1-1971
FROM WHERE = San Bernardino, Ca. 92408, CA
- Monday, April 23, 2001 at 13:21:24 (PDT)

Guest Record 683

YEARs in VIETNAM = 1.5
- Tuesday, June 05, 2001 at 14:35:05 (PDT)

Guest Record 707
Dont remember alot but was wounded twice in 13 days in 69 LT Witt was the CO lived on a barge then at a vitnames outpost that was realy not fun but there was some good times and bad times

NAME = Nathan Kozloski <EMAIL = koze47[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = riv div 552
BASEs or LOCATIONS= cho duc around three sisters mountan
YEARs in VIETNAM = 69 70
FROM WHERE = live in Baltimore, MD
REFFERED By = just searching
- Monday, July 02, 2001 at 20:29:37 (PDT)

Record 730
Even though I have visited your sight many times, I am still trying to find more information about my brother (Charles "Charlie" P. Geisert) who was kia on 11-4-69.One of the men on Charlies boat told me they were ambushed in the French Canal. Another of the men on his boat said they were attacked right in front of a Vietnamese Army Camp on the French Canal. Now, Charlie was the Captain of MSR-7, & that was a part of his mailing address as was Mine Div. 113. However, there is a picture of a boat wrecked in front of the Army camp, but I understand that was the MSR-7 also. The Captain of that boat was Charlie Brown. No one was hurt on that boat as they all walked away. Not so in my brother's attack. Everyone was hurt, but my brother and an interpreter were the only men killed. I would love to locate this Charlie Brown that was on the MSR-7. I know he is out there somewhere as I have had two different men to tell me they knew him. If anyone knows Charlie Brown's where-abouts, will you please have him contact me? I am Mary Lynn Geisert Welborn. mlw[ at ]

NAME = Mary Lynn Geisert Welborn <EMAIL = mlw[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = TF 116, Mine Div. 113-MSR-7
BASEs or LOCATIONS= Vihn Te, Chau Doc, Nhe Be,Tan Chau,French Canal
YEARs in VIETNAM = 1969
FROM WHERE = Wichita Falls, TX
REFFERED By = Surfing
- Monday, July 23, 2001 at 09:27:50 (PDT)

Record 768
After training at Mare Island with ACTOV 7, reported to RivDiv 514 at Chau Doc U.S.S. Benewah. Patrolled the French Canal and Vien Te canal. Transferred to RPD 51 at Thuynon and later moved with them to Tan Chau. Left Country 10/71.

NAME = Ted Brooks <EMAIL = clubted73[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = RivDiv 514, RPD 55
BASEs or LOCATIONS= Tan Chau, Chou Duc Thuynon
YEARs in VIETNAM = 70, 71
FROM WHERE = Boston , , MA
- Friday, August 17, 2001 at 08:40:35 (PDT)

Record 815
Worked out of the Armory and Ammo Mag hauling ammo on Mike boats and riding shotgun on ARVN driven trucks to Ca Mau, Chau Doc etc.

NAME = Keith Anklam <EMAIL = kanklam[ at ]>
YEARs in VIETNAM = 1971
FROM WHERE = Bothell, WA
- Monday, September 17, 2001 at 09:40:51 (PDT)

Record 893
Been on the inet for years... i feel incredibly stupic that I did not find this web site years ago. I am looking for anyone that served on the YRBM 20, or sea float in 70/71... i was a shipfitter and built the cover on the aft barge... i was among the first who moved into the hootches at sea float... I remember the barge next to the YRBM 20 very well... would enjoy finding chief that ran our shop on the 20... anyone remember the president hotel in saigon? or the whorehouse in chow duc? or the ladies working the hoothces at solid anchor? dam... memories are exploding... i will get back here soon...

NAME = Glen Waymire <EMAIL = glenwaymire[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = YRBM-20, Operation Sea Float & Solid Anchor, Chau Doc, Saigon, Bin Tui, etc.
YEARs in VIETNAM = 70 - 71
FROM WHERE = San Diego, CA
REFFERED By = surfed in
- Sunday, November 18, 2001 at 14:49:59 (PST)

Record 1061
I was with ARG Bravo surgical team in 69-70. I June 70 I was assigned to the base sickbay at Cat Lo. (HM2) In October 70 I went aboard the YRBM 17 at Dong Tam (HM1). After the boat was turned over to the VNs in Dec 70, we were towed upriver to Chau Doc (I think - it could have been Tan Chau) where we were anchored in the river about 200 yards from the YRBM-20. I am interested in hearing from anyone who was at Cat Lo June-Oct 70, on the YRBM-17 Oct 70-Apr 71 (or later to see what ultimately happened to the 17), or on the YRBM-20 who remembers when the 17 was downriver from the 20, especially anyone involved with the "boat race" and related activities in about March 70.. The names I remember from the 17 were Himes, Godwin, Crawford, Nix & Benoit (all but Benoit were on the advisory team).

NAME = Jim McArthr <EMAIL = mcarthur.jim[ at ]>
BASEs or LOCATIONS= Cat Lo, Dong Tam, Chau Doc (or Tan Chau?)
YEARs in VIETNAM = 69-71
FROM WHERE = Wickenburg, AZ
REFFERED By = Doug Lindsey
- Sunday, February 17, 2002 at 13:10:20 (PST)

Record 1127
I served on the YRBM 16 from about February 1970 until they turned it over to the Vietnamese Navy in Nha Be in about July or August 1971. I ran supplies up the French Canal to some of the remote Army bases in the Mike boat while stationed there. I rode the YRBM 16 out of the delta to Vung Tau where they were taking it for repairs. Unable to repair it in Vung Tau they hooked it to a fleet tug and towed it to Guam Naval Shipyard, via Subic Bay,Phillipines. After an extensive yard period where all the sides were replaced with new steel, it was towed back to Nha Be just outside of Saigon where it was turned over to the Vietnamese Navy. Serving my country on the "Delta Queen" was an honor.

NAME = Darrell Singleton <EMAIL = Chevcorvet[ at ]>
BASEs or LOCATIONS= Chau Duc, Tan Chau, Mekong River
YEARs in VIETNAM = '70-'71
FROM WHERE = Seattle, WA
REFFERED By = Don Walsh
- Tuesday, March 19, 2002 at 17:36:36 (PST)

Record 1137
Hey Kent, I just knew if I kept watching I would find out something about the MSR-7. I've already written to Jack (the man who registered just before me. That was the MSR-7 that my brother was kia on 11-4-69. Evidently, it was repaired, and it sounds like it may be in Long Beach. I'll check that out. Kent, do you have a picture of that MSR-7. Jack said he had sent you some pictures. I have enjoyed your web pages so much. If anyone happened to know my brother Charles P. Geisert BMC, I would love to hear from them. Thank you very much for all the work that you keep doing. I think you have done a great job, & you keep adding. Thanks again!

NAME = Mary Lynn Geisert Welborn <EMAIL = mlw[ at ]>
BASEs or LOCATIONS= Tan Chau, Chau Doc, Vihn Te, Nhe Be
YEARs in VIETNAM = May'69 to Nov'69
FROM WHERE = Wichita Falls, TX
REFFERED By = Visited several times
- Sunday, March 24, 2002 at 23:01:47 (PST)

Record 1228
I went to Nam as a boot RDSN. I didn't even know where the place was, but peer pressure in A school made me volunteer. Turns out it was the beginning of a 30 year career that took me through two wars, a coup attempt, and a million great liberty ports. Fortunately, through the years, I have somehow repressed all the bad memories of Vietnam, and now I just remember the good times. For example, I remember standing on the fantail of a Swiftboat just about dark one evening, tied up alongside YRBM 20, shooting the shit with 3 or 4 other boat guys. All of a sudden a grenade landed on deck in the middle of all of us. We scattered like cockroaches in the light, and it exploded right over the fuel tank. Ripped a nice hole in the deck, but thankfully no one was hurt. It was blamed on the watch, for not making it all the way to the water with his toss, but myself and one other guy know the truth. We laughed about that until our sides hurt later that night. I remember fishing with grenades and cooking steak almost every day. And I remember those great times on liberty, either in Vung Tau, Cat Lo, SaDec (my favorite place) or in Chau Doc. (Did the MP's really chase me out of that cathouse?) Looking back on my time in Nam, it's an experience I wouldn't have traded for anything. I turned 21 over there, and can honestly say that I grew up during that year. I'm proud of what we did over there - I just wish we would have had the leadership to win. Okay, that's enough for now. If anyone wants, check out my website for some pictures of Swiftboat life. Any of you shipmates (boatmates?), feel free to drop me a line. Take care. Jack Spratt

NAME = Jack Spratt
<EMAIL = sprattj[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = Swiftboats
BASEs or LOCATIONS= Catlo, Sadec
YEARs in VIETNAM = 69-70
FROM WHERE = San Diego, CA
REFFERED By = Surfed in
- Saturday, May 11, 2002 at 01:31:52 (PDT)

Record 1259

NAME = JOHN HUDSON <EMAIL = jhn[ at ]>
YEARs in VIETNAM = 1969-1970
- Friday, June 07, 2002 at 18:41:32 (PDT)

Record 1317
I was a plank owner with 535, having been transfered from 543 at Nha Be to be part of the original crew of the Mark II boats in October of 67. We lost 2 boats in Chau Doc (1 KIA ? WIA) during TET of 68 and another boat in May 68 (3 KIA) on the Bassac River. One of the boats (Hull #727) that we lost in Chau Doc was back in commission after a salvage crew was able to bring it back to the surface...those guys were great. As for the boat we lost in May of 68...there is some absolute BS about Patrick Ford that is listed within this site...I KNOW...I was on his cover boat and I WAS THERE.. I have film that can prove it. A very stupid Lt by the name of William Dennis caused the life of himself and 2 other sailors.... you want details, just em me I WAS THERE

NAME = Dennis Ward <EMAIL = dennis[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = Riv Sec 535
BASEs or LOCATIONS= APL 55 (The Apple)
YEARs in VIETNAM = 06/67-06/68
REFFERED By = Surfing & Turfing
- Monday, July 15, 2002 at 16:25:49 (PDT)

Record 1356
I've been contacting all my shipmates from the Boxer, Capricornus, and Nashville, but had neglected to see if I could contact my brownwater buddies. When I saw this guestbook and scrolled down to Ronald Davis' entry, I couldn't believe what I saw. He mentioned the names of my guys. I'm sorry that I didn't get back to the RID much after they made me SA to RAID 73 and then Repair Coordinator at LSB Dong Tam. I missed you guys and hope that LTjg Arroyo did right by you. If you want to exchange war stories, or need someone to listen, don't hesitate to contact me.

NAME = ex=LT Hardy <EMAIL = tomhardy[ at ]>
BASEs or LOCATIONS= Chau Doc, Vinh Gia, Dong Tam
YEARs in VIETNAM = April 70 - 71
FROM WHERE = Galion, Ohio
REFFERED By = Google
- Monday, August 05, 2002 at 14:05:49 (PDT)

Record 1439
Have been searching to find Riv Div 551 buddies in particular a engineman (EN2) Bob Meyers or Myers was in PBR class 80 - any emails from Riv Div 551 or sister Riv Div 514 would be very much appreciated. YRBM-16 was on Basac river near Chou Duc or Chou pho- patroled Vhin Te Canal-later stationed at Go Da Hau-patroled Vam Co Te & Vam Co Dong rivers

NAME = Mike Novitske (ski) GMG2 <EMAIL = mikenovitske[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = Riv Div 551 - PBR 775
BASEs or LOCATIONS= YRBM-16 then land base Go Da Hau
YEARs in VIETNAM = 6-69 to 6-70
FROM WHERE = Ripon, wi
REFFERED By = surfing
- Saturday, September 21, 2002 at 10:33:25 (PDT)

Record 1458
I am looking to find an En by the name of Bob Meyers or Myers. We went through pbr school, all the training, and the entire tour from 6-69 to 6-70 together, even R&R. I need anyone's help. Lost touch when we left nam. Also looking to find Danny Carsen WIA on 8-1-69 with me. I last knew that Meyers or Myers was from out east and Carsen was from Florida. I will email any pbr guy especially from Riv Div 551,any brownwater sailor, any blackpony and any seawolf. Any and all help to find these guys is appreciated. Great web site!!! Great Job!!!! Thanks Mike Novitske (ski) Riv Div 551 pbr 775 Red Devil (ski) out

NAME = Mike Novitske <EMAIL = mikenovitske[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = Riv Div 551 pbr 774 & 775
BASEs or LOCATIONS= YRBM 16 [ at ] Chau Dac (Chau Phu)
YEARs in VIETNAM = 6-69 to 6-70
FROM WHERE = Ripon , Wi
REFFERED By = surfing the net
- Thursday, October 03, 2002 at 21:37:12 (PDT)

Record 1492
Lt. Tom Hardy, EN3 Joe Brown, Charles Carter, or anyone else From Mare Island NIOTC 2-70,7-70 and/or the Presidio,Vietnamese Language. My e-mail rdavis6[ at ] Please send me your e-mail address if you would, thanks.Welcome Home to all the Riverines and all of the servicemen who fought in the"Southeast Asia Police Action" Not my line, The politicians said it wasn't a war, they can kiss my A_ _. EN2 R M Davis

NAME = Ronald M Davis <EMAIL = rdavis6[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = River Interdiction Division 42 ( RID 42)
BASEs or LOCATIONS= Vinh Gia, Dong Tam, Kieng Hoa, Chau Doc
YEARs in VIETNAM = 1970-1971
FROM WHERE = Cincinnati, Ohio
- Sunday, October 13, 2002 at 23:46:44 (PDT)

Record 1504
chau doc psyops

NAME = tom markeson <EMAIL = tmarkeson[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = bju1
YEARs in VIETNAM = 1970
FROM WHERE = 1970 chau doc, - Friday, October 18, 2002 at 23:24:18 (PDT)

Record 1506
psyop operations from river boats, jeeps, helecopter, single engine plane, lived in Chau Doc in a French fort built in 1882, being in the Navy, stayed at a makeshift Army medic center in the French fort, spent alot of time cruising the rivers

NAME = tom markeson <EMAIL = tmarkeson[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = beach jumper unit one
BASEs or LOCATIONS= chau doc
YEARs in VIETNAM = 1970-71
- Saturday, October 19, 2002 at 11:57:55 (PDT)

Record 1507
Everytime I take my boat out on the Mississippi River, I think of my tour aboard the YRBM-16 and what a crazy time that was. In one of my most recent recollections, I remembered back on one of my mike-boat watches, all three of us aboard the boat fell asleep at the same time. The officer of the deck had to fire several shots to wake us up before we hit the YRBM-16. As I cruise the Mississippi River, I remember the sampans and debri floating in the water, the smell of nokmon fermenting, and the constant sound of grenades. To this date, I have no desire to travel abroad, the good old USA is where I want to stay.

NAME = Kent C. Smith "Smitty" <EMAIL = kcarlsmi[ at ]>
BASEs or LOCATIONS= Bassoc River / Chou Doc
YEARs in VIETNAM = 08/68 - 08/69
FROM WHERE = St. Charles, MO
REFFERED By = Stumbled upon website!
- Saturday, October 19, 2002 at 13:49:43 (PDT)

Record 1525
Looking for old friends and new ones who served.

NAME = Jim Bohenko <EMAIL = jbplastics[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = Task force 212, RPG 65, PBR'S
BASEs or LOCATIONS= Chou Doc- Vinh Te Canal
YEARs in VIETNAM = 70-71
FROM WHERE = Hartford, CT
REFFERED By = Web Search
- Friday, November 01, 2002 at 10:34:48 (PST)

Record 1544
Kent, I was totally surprised and impressed at all the work that has been put into this website. Congratulations! I have hundreds of photos taken during my tour aboard the 20. At the moment, all my slides are packed and stored. In the near future I will dig them out and begin scanning all my slides to disc. One event which I captured on film was the infamous "Soccer" match between the YRBM 20 gang and the town of Chau Doc. Does anyone remember the second match? Anyway, I will endeavor to stay in touch and plan on contacting Jeff Stillman, Ray Longaker, Greg Wilkey, Mike Snidow, Mike Ayriss and John Purlee. I would definitely drop everything if and when a reunion is scheduled. Cheers, Greg Ford

NAME = Greg Ford (EM2) <EMAIL = mouselips[ at ]>
BASEs or LOCATIONS= Nha Be, Qui Nhon
YEARs in VIETNAM = August 1968 to January 19
FROM WHERE = Flint, Michigan
- Friday, November 08, 2002 at 14:01:23 (PST)

Record 1638

YEARs in VIETNAM = 1970-1971
- Thursday, December 19, 2002 at 14:55:41 (CST)

Record 1702
I was just killing some time and decided to look up on the net Chou Doc, where I was stationed. I ran across your site. I almost fell of my seat when I ran across your photo of "Camp Arne". That was where I spent all of my time in Vietnam. God, did the memories flood back. When I arrived their, right after the infamous Tet offensive, I was Army Signal Corps attached to a US Special Forces B Team (later replaced by a MACV unit). I was a crypto guy. My job was to transmit (and in-code) all of the intellegance reports being collected and shoot them on th Coa Lanh (sp?). At that time, we had Army Intell., Air Force Intell, and even the CIA (it took me three months to figure out that Air America was something other than a civilian airlines). BTW: I never heard the place referred to as "Camp Arne". That air conditioner you referred to was acquired while I was there, our supply sergant took a bunch of "war souviners" up to Siagon and came back a week later with that thing. It was originally installed to the commo room to keep the equipment cool (had to knock a hole in the wall). In the photo, I can make out the antenna on the left. I had the fun job of climbing up the damn thing to check the coaxil connections when we were having commo problems. I didn't know which was worse my fear of heights or fear of being a sitting duck. Your ship was not there during my stay. Only Navy was a hospital next door (they threw some great parties).

NAME = james jacob <EMAIL = jjacob[ at ]>
BASEs or LOCATIONS= chou doc
YEARs in VIETNAM = 68-69
FROM WHERE = long beach, ca

Record 1759
Still looking for other original advisors of RID-42. We turned over 16 boats to the VNN about April, 1970 and then served as their advisors guarding the Cambodian border. Water-borne guardpost--what a concept. Put yourself in harm's way and hope to survive. But I can't forget the steak and beer. They often couldn't get us a water buffalo, but could bring in a pallet of beer. Go figure.

NAME = ex-LT Charles T. (Tom) Hardy, USN <EMAIL = tomhardy[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = RID-42, RAID-73, USS Benewah
BASEs or LOCATIONS= Chau Doc, Vinh Long, Vinh Te Canal, Dong Tam
YEARs in VIETNAM = 1970-1971
FROM WHERE = Galion, Ohio

Record 1761
I've not heard anyone mention "Irag". I think most Americans would like to see Saddam blown out of the water, however, I have mixed feelings on war . . . would this be another Vietnam where thousands of young men would loose their lives in vain or could we be effective in stopping terrorism throughout the world?

NAME = Kent C. Smith "Smitty" <EMAIL = kcarlsmi[ at ]>
YEARs in VIETNAM = 1968-1969
FROM WHERE = St. Charles, MO
REFFERED By = frequent visitor to site

Record 1846
Got to believe that this site tells it all. I was on radio watch when "Central Shovel 16" got wacked,sounded general quarters and called into the Army for assistance. A Thanksgiving night I'll never forget. "SKI"

NAME = Jerry "SKI" Wojciechowski <EMAIL = jerry001[ at ]>
BASEs or LOCATIONS= Long Xuyen, Chau Duc, Ben Tre, Ben Thuy, Saigon
YEARs in VIETNAM = 6/66 - 1/68
REFFERED By = Web Ring

Record 1848
Do Your remeber the 130 boat at chau doc. If any body can please E-Mail me. We were supporting the Green Berets at Chau Doc. We lost our C. O. and other people my best friend was Don Webester, Ron Pricthard . My C. O. was Lt. carl Kollmery, he died in my arms, we also lost Ronnie Saparito I have thought about fire fight for 30 years. If Don or Ron or John or the Kollmeyer family reads this please responds

NAME = ronald Oliver
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = River Division 511 and 552
BASEs or LOCATIONS= Bien Thuy and Chau Doc
YEARs in VIETNAM = 67 68
FROM WHERE = Eugene, Ore.
REFFERED By = no body

Record 1897
Arrived in November '70, making the French Canal transit from Tan Chau to Chau Doc; and several Vinh Te canal trips in a Mike Boat, past the French Locks, to evacuate the ARVN fire support base at Vinh Giai. Made the Mekong River cruise when the 21 was towed to Nha Be and on to Guam. I stayed in country, transferring to NASD Sa Dec, and then to Dong Tam.

NAME = Dan Carter <EMAIL = carterd5103[ at ]>
BASEs or LOCATIONS= Tan Chau/Chau Doc
YEARs in VIETNAM = 70 - 71
FROM WHERE = Tallahassee, FL
REFFERED By = web surfing

Record 1978
Dear Webmaster; I grew up in a village near Tan Chau, I saw your boats in the Tien Giang river, and your facility in Tan Chau. I went to school in Chau Doc in 1968. Your pictures of Tan Chau and Chau Doc are invaluable, they brought back many memories of my childhood. Thanks for the wonderful job you have done. Tri Le

NAME = Tri Le <EMAIL = tri.m.le[ at ]>
FROM WHERE = Anaheim, CA
REFFERED By = Search Engine

Record 2039
Miss the humid heat, stretching across a hot PBR engine to replace a starter (always the port one) or a generator (always the starboard one)! Those were the days! Also miss cruising the delta rivers on the tug boat Morocco. I really enjoyed that duty and crew! The brown water navy was an experience I'm fortunate to experience and remember!

NAME = Robert Norman Cloud <EMAIL = norm2450[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = YRBM-20, tug boat Morocco, and YFR-890
BASEs or LOCATIONS= Tan Chao, Chau Duc, Nha Be
YEARs in VIETNAM = 1970-1971

Record 2089
Spent most of my time in Ha-tien after we were ordered there for a two week temp assignment. Seven months and some action later we finally were ordered to Chou Duc to patrol the Vihn Te canal. Lots of good and some bad memories from your web sight. It's great to see the old PBR sailors are still alive and kicking. Good luck to any old 532 guys. I was boat captain on boat 626.

NAME = Ken Harris <EMAIL = betty.ken[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = PBR RivDiv 532
BASEs or LOCATIONS= Sa Dec, Ha-Tien, Chou Duc
YEARs in VIETNAM = 69-70
FROM WHERE = Elizabethtown, Ky
REFFERED By = Surfin the web

Record 2098
I am submitting my brother in laws name for him. He had quite a tour or two way back when and wouldn't mind hearing from those who might remember him. He was EN-2 Wilson.

NAME = Danny Wilson <EMAIL = d_kwilson[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = YRBM-20, YR-8, Yr-9, Uss Forester
BASEs or LOCATIONS= Vinh Long, Chou Duc
YEARs in VIETNAM = early 68- late 69
FROM WHERE = Aurora, Ne
REFFERED By = M W Campbell ADJ-2, HC-1 Det 6 72-73

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