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Record 15
Name: Walt Maxam
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Tucson, Arizona
Time: 1998-04-03 03:28:24
Comments: Great site. lot of good photos. Was with Base Support at Cam Rahn Bay, 66/67. Worked on the Swift Boats. Have alot of pics, but is really nice to see how the other guys made do in the different areas of Vietnam. Thanks again for an excellent page.

Record 22
Name: ed nelson
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: sequoia national park, calif.
Time: 1998-04-18 01:18:33
Comments: I drove a LARC (lighter amphibian resupply craft) out of Cam Rahn, Na Trang, and Phan Thiet from Sept 66-67. I really liked the looks of the PBR. Saw alot of them. I work in Wildland Fire Management here in Sequoia with my speciality being Aviation (Airtankers/Helicopters). Nice web site you have. Stop by the IHFA site (International Helicopter Firefighters Association) sometime. Ed Nelson

Record 107
Name: Ed Sinclair
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: So. Calif during Service time
Time: 1998-10-15 06:48:54
Comments: I was an early participant in US Navy RVN operations as a crew member on 36' minesweeping boats of MinDiv 33 stationed in Sasebo, Japan. In 1964 (early summer) we carried First Force Recon Marines to Vietnam and spent several weeks making charts of Cam Ranh Bay, Nha Trang,and other potential ports, dropping the Marines ashore ahead of our charting efforts for security. We were moored aft of the Turner Joy and Maddox at the pier in Subic Bay (late July after returning from Vietnam)only to find out in the coming weeks these ships were principals in the Tonkin Gulf incident. Our ten boats were embarked on the USS Epping Forest MCS-7 (Mine Countermeasures Support ship, a WWII LSD! After this first trip to SVN, about every time we got underway we went to Vietnam and participated in Market Time coastal surveillance or other special operations. I was discharged in 1966 after a one year involuntary extension was rescinded for my rating (ETR3)after spending 31 months overseas, 25 months having collected Hostile Fire Pay for our coastal/river surveillance efforts in Vietnam. I served briefly on the USS Widgeon MSC-208 for a couple of months prior to discharge. MinDiv 33 and the MSC's were part of Mine Flotilla One in Sasebo. MinFlot 1 was commanded by Capt.A.M. Savage whose family owned Savage Arms Co. He had nice shotguns, and used to shoot skeet of the flight deck (helo pad) of the Epping Forest. I can recall some YFB's in Sasebo being fitted with helo pads and berthing spaces in 1966, did these end up being YRBM's? We were told these vessels were to be towed to SVN rivers as command platforms for riverine operations.

Record 358
The White River-LSMR-536; loaded out ammo in Cam Ranh Bay,Mark 7s;10s;12 Rockets;among other ordinance; When we finished we had liberty,usually the White Hats club; would be off limit to Marines and Army when the White River crew came in Some crew would go to Market time beach; others to "Gomers Cave" and others played football right on the sand at Market time.I was duty driver this meant getting a truck for the ship and driving around the bay,usually over to the Air Force side to get chow at the base.Cam Rahn is one picture perfect setting its a shame we didn't keep at least that part.The other LSMR's operating with us were The Clarion River;The St.Francis River and the Carronade.I have a manuscript on the two years I was there on the White River-named."Fire For Effect" as Fire Control man in C.I.C. I thought it would be an appropriate title. William M.Geraghty

William M.Geraghty <williamm[ at ]>
Unit/Ship= U.S.S.White River-LSMR-536, - YRS= 68-70 - base/location= Cam Ranh Bay,S.Vietnam
- Thursday, March 16, 2000 at 09:17:25 (PST)

Record 356
Name: Kerry Myers
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Mill Valley, CA
Time: 2000-03-11 21:42:18
Comments: You have a terrific site! I sailed as a snipe for two years in the Army's Navy aboard the USAV Page a 338-foot Beach Discharge Lighter. Far be it from the Army to call them LSTs. Never got further up river than Vung Tau on July 4th, 1967. We were nominally home ported in Cam Ranh Bay but sailed continuously between Chu Lai and Phan Thiet.

Record 362
The White River-LSMR-536; loaded out ammo in Cam Ranh Bay,Mark 7s;10s;12 Rockets;among other ordinance; When we finished we had liberty,usually the White Hats club; would be off limit to Marines and Army when the White River crew came in Some crew would go to Market time beach; others to "Gomers Cave" and others played football right on the sand at Market time.I was duty driver this meant getting a truck for the ship and driving around the bay,usually over to the Air Force side to get chow at the base.Cam Rahn is one picture perfect setting its a shame we didn't keep at least that part.The other LSMR's operating with us were The Clarion River;The St.Francis River and the Carronade.I have a manuscript on the two years I was there on the White River-named."Fire For Effect" as Fire Control man in C.I.C. I thought it would be an appropriate title. William M.Geraghty

William M.Geraghty <williamm[ at ]>
Unit/Ship= U.S.S.White River-LSMR-536, - YRS= 68-70 - base/location= Cam Ranh Bay,S.Vietnam
- Thursday, March 16, 2000 at 09:17:25 (PST)

Record 421
Was on the Vernon Cty when she first arrived in Yokosuaka Japan in early 60 and spent two years there on board. Spent time running the river in Viet Nam with IUWG 1 in Quin Nhon and Cam Ron Bay. Retired now and still working for the gvt. Spent time on the following ships also so if you remember me give me a buzz. USS Washburn AKA 108 USS Bexar APA 114 USS England DLG 22 USS Barbara CTY LST 1165 North Island, San Diego Amphib Base Bath Maine, just to name a few. Good Web site Smooth seas and following winds to all

Harry Piaczynski <sm1flags[ at ]>
UNIT/SHIP= USS Vernon CTY LST 1161, - YRS= 2 FROM= corpus christi, TX
- Monday, July 03, 2000 at 12:47:02 (PDT)

Record 438
Great WEB page. Was boat captain on skimmers most of my time there.

Dennis Bieak <bieakdj[ at ]>
UNIT/SHIP= IUWG-1 UNIT2, - YRS= 10/67-6/69 - BASE/location= Cam Rahn Bay
FROM= Catasauqua, PA
REFFERED By= Surfing the Net
- Thursday, July 27, 2000 at 10:28:34 (PDT)

Record 444
Excellent pictures...Great Info

Mike Brophy <MBrophy601[ at ]>
UNIT/SHIP= NAVADVGRPMACV/NSA DET 90.2/NSA Cam Ranh Bay, - YRS= 4/66-8/67 - BASE/location= Siagon; CamRanh Bay
FROM= St. Petersburg, Fl
- Thursday, August 03, 2000 at 13:12:31 (PDT)

Record 469
Crockett PG-88 escorted Seafloat into the Song Bo De in June 1969. We did quite a few patrols of 7-20 days and then would return to Cam Rahn for resupply and much beer. We were rocketed by 3.75 rockets made in Crane, Indiana(probably taken off a Bronco) but,fortunately the personnel injuries were few and relatively minor. It was the longest and shortest year of my life and one which I recall on a daily basis. Great job on your website and if there are any PG sailors out there who aren't aware of the PG Reunion Group established in 1998 please check us out at Fair Winds, Paul Bennett

Paul Bennett <commanderb[ at ]>
UNIT/SHIP= Crockett PG-88, - YRS= 1969 - BASE/location= Cam Rahn Bay
FROM= Princeton, MA
- Thursday, September 14, 2000 at 08:17:00 (PDT)

Record 476
Very interesting site!! I really enjoyed seeing the pictures. I served as a PN2 at Nha Be from September 1971 until April 1972 when the majority of Americans left the base. I was stationed for the next several months in Saigon and lived at both the Metropole and Plaza Hotels. I served in Camh Ranh Bay prior to my stint in Nha Be.

Charlie Gardiner <woodbootalso[ at ]>
UNIT/SHIP= Naval Advisory Group, - YRS= 71/72 - BASE/location= Nha Be
FROM= Sacramento, Ca
- Saturday, September 30, 2000 at 09:01:03 (PDT)

Record 513
Excellent site, more pictures are needed, I have some to send in.

Paul H. Beebe <phbeebe[ at ]>
UNIT/SHIP= USS Tacoma (PG-92), - YRS= 71-72 - BASE/location= Guam, CamRanh, VungTau
FROM= Wesley Chapel, FL
REFFERED By= Joe Patton
- Monday, November 27, 2000 at 08:31:59 (PST)

Record 524
I was on an LSD, but I spent most of my time on a gunboat. Great site. Dan

Dan McGowan <bear10[ at ]>
UNIT/SHIP= USS Asheville PG-84, - YRS= 68-72 - BASE/location= Cam Rahn Bay/Vung Tau
FROM= Taunton, MA
REFFERED By= Just surfed on to it
- Friday, December 08, 2000 at 23:41:43 (PST)

Record 526
Widow of LCDR Robert J. Allen, USN, Ret. Junk Force Advisor, Cam Ranh Bay 1964-65

CAPT Elaine H. Allen, USNR, Ret <captallen[ at ]>
- Monday, December 11, 2000 at 08:45:35 (PST)

Record 586
I just want to say thanks

Paul D Goodman
UNIT/SHIP= Army, - YRS= 68-69 - BASE/location= Cam Rhon Bay
FROM= Taylor, Mi
- Saturday, February 10, 2001 at 23:06:35 (PST)

Guest Record 642
Great site very informative and teriffic pictures. Looking for anyone who served with 1097th, especially the early years at Dong Tam. We were the pioneers.Big change from off loading ships in a bay to towing around arty (3\34) thru those narrow and fast rivers. Great "on the job training"

NAME = Donald Messner <EMAIL = vietvet1097[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = 1097th Trans. Co
BASEs or LOCATIONS= Cam Ranh\ Dong Tam
YEARs in VIETNAM = 1966-67
FROM WHERE = Philadelphia, Pa
REFFERED By = surfed in
- Friday, April 20, 2001 at 23:42:04 (PDT)

Guest Record 631
Outstanding site, great pictures!

NAME = Mark Reilman <EMAIL = mreilman[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = USS Asheville PG-84
BASEs or LOCATIONS= Cam Rahn Bay/Vung Tau
YEARs in VIETNAM = 69-72
FROM WHERE = Bellevue , Ky
REFFERED By = Web sufing
- Thursday, April 12, 2001 at 15:17:25 (PDT)

Guest Record 630
Was in Vietnam from 1966-1967...Served on the LCU 1559. I have pictures and alot of good and bad memories of 1 year in hell.....

NAME = Dennis Mazza <EMAIL = wvmountaineer46[ at ]>
BASEs or LOCATIONS= Cam Rahn, PhanThiet, Da Nang, etc
YEARs in VIETNAM = 66'-67'
FROM WHERE = Clarksburg, wv
- Wednesday, April 11, 2001 at 08:10:05 (PDT)

Guest Record 716
Just happened in the site. I was the Chief Builder in charge of Seabee Team 30206 that built SeaFloat. I had a 13 man team and was given 21 days to build it. We built it in 7 days!! I was awarded the Navy Achievment Medal w/V for that accomplishment. If there are any of my team out there I sure would like to hear from you. Ron Larrivee, BUC, Retired

NAME = Ron Larrivee, Chief Builder, Retired <EMAIL = boatrides[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = Seabee Team 30206 out of Cam Ranh Bay
YEARs in VIETNAM = 1968-1969
FROM WHERE = Punta Gorda, FL
REFFERED By = Surfed in.
- Tuesday, July 10, 2001 at 22:13:03 (PDT)

Record 793
I was in country from Oct 66 until June 68, Extension leave was Dec, 67 to early 68 I got back in country just in time for the Tet offensive & was in Cam Rahn when it occured, & when the Norwegian ship in the harbor was bombed by NVA UDT's

NAME = Tim Easley <EMAIL = Tim.Easley[ at ]>
BASEs or LOCATIONS= Cam Rahn Bay (the hill & Market Time Base (patrol)
YEARs in VIETNAM = 18 months
REFFERED By = Found with search engine
- Friday, August 31, 2001 at 13:01:43 (PDT)

Record 855
just looking for other people in unit

NAME = dennis (barney)brower <EMAIL = mindyis19[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = aircofat det cam rahn bay
BASEs or LOCATIONS= saigon & cam rahn
YEARs in VIETNAM = 70-71
FROM WHERE = carroll, ia
REFFERED By = found on search
- Sunday, October 21, 2001 at 10:20:02 (PDT)

Record 884
after SERE school in whidbey island, wash in july 68 i flew into saigon, stayed at the imfamous annapolis hotel. first night in-country pulled guard duty atop the hotel m-60, sandbags all around, all i could say was what the hell did you get yourself into this time. haven't volunteered for anything since!!! from there i went to cam rahn bay and served as a staff yeoman after being there for a few months i was sent to cat lo to replace their staff yeoman. while in each place i participated in several PCF patrols, wanted to be in the action i suppose, some were quite boring and others well let's they were quite an experience. sure would like to hear from anyone that was at either place during those dates. some names i remember; warrant officer bob spinner, lcr russell, cmd, horne, cmd hodge, yn1 whitlock, yn1 murdock, sk2 bob hudson, rm2 bob clubbs, sn mmike lavallie, sn sampson and a ton of other crazies i'd love to hear from. mentioned above that i was in other places, now and then i got dragged along to help inspect the othe swifty bases, an thoi, da nang, and quin nhon

NAME = Craig P. Doyle <EMAIL = bacp575[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = COMCOSRON1 Cam Rahn Bay and COSDIV13 (Black Cat) Cat Lo
BASEs or LOCATIONS= Cam Rahn Bay, Cat Lo, Quin Nohn and short stops in a few other places
YEARs in VIETNAM = July 68 - Aug 69
FROM WHERE = Pittsburgh, Pa
REFFERED By = just surfing
- Monday, November 12, 2001 at 14:59:57 (PST)

Record 1008
Ran Mike 6's and 8's on Operation Giant Slingshot and ran suport goods up the Vam Co Tay and Vam Co Dong Rivers to the Advanced Tactical Support Bases from Nha Be.

NAME = Richard H. Kirshen <EMAIL = rkirshen[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = Navrepfac Cam Ranh Bay and NavsupFac Nha Be
BASEs or LOCATIONS= Cam Ranh Bay and Nha Be
YEARs in VIETNAM = 1969 and 70
FROM WHERE = Miami, Fla.
- Monday, January 28, 2002 at 15:21:18 (PST)

Record 1034
My one and only cousin, Stephen W. McKinley was in the Navy on a "river boat" out of Binh Thuy. He was shot and killed on 4 Jan 1969. If anyone remembers or knew him, I'd appreciate a note, thanks.

NAME = Clark McKInley <EMAIL = clark.mckinley[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = Army Security Agency
BASEs or LOCATIONS= Cam Ranh Bay & others
YEARs in VIETNAM = 2-67 / 8-68
- Friday, February 08, 2002 at 11:33:29 (PST)

Record 1075
RM3 Dick Bryant. Got drafted right out of high school, spring, 1967, joined the Navy. Got to boot camp in San Diego on July 28, 1967, Company 433. Went to Radioman "A" school. Sent to Yokosuka, Japan, and ultimately to Navcomsta Kamiseya, Japan for 2 years, great duty. In May of 1970, went back to Coronado Island for training and then went to Viet Nam. Landed in Cam Ranh Bay for short period (several weeks) worked in the comsta, then flew to Saigon and stayed at the Annapolis Hotel for several days. Caught a drab army bus to A.T.S.B. Ben Keo on the Song Vam Co Dong. Spent most of my time there. RPD 53 assigned there at the time. Also several RIDs rotated through, can't remember, possibly RID 45 and RID 47. The 2 radiomen I worked with were Sandy ???????, we called him the Montana Cowboy, and Tom Williams from Chicago. Finally, my last few months in country I got sent to a little navy post on the river next to Long Binh Army Base. If anyone remembers me or was at any of these places at the same time, would like to hear from you.

NAME = J. D. Bryant <EMAIL = jdb2255[ at ]>
YEARs in VIETNAM = 6/70 TO 6/71
FROM WHERE = Cedar Rapids, Iowa
REFFERED By = Surfed in
- Tuesday, February 26, 2002 at 21:54:04 (PST)

Record 1146
Rode boats from Da Nang to Cua Viet in I Corps. Transfered to Cam Rahn Bay after turnover of I Corps boats to South Viet Nam Navy in Jan. 1970. Took hit in Jan '70, spent time in hospitals at Cam Ranh Bay, Da Nang, Yokosuka, Oakland Ca..Received medical discharge in April 1970.

NAME = Gary McIntosh <EMAIL = garymac[ at ]>
BASEs or LOCATIONS= Cua Viet, I Corps
YEARs in VIETNAM = 1969-1970
FROM WHERE = Bremerton, Wa
REFFERED By = Web Site
- Friday, March 29, 2002 at 21:16:55 (PST)

Record 1221
i lost all pictures of my tour in contury .just came back with life.thank god.

NAME = paul lawhorn
WEB SITE = bradalliekids[ at ]
<EMAIL = bradalliekids[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = swift boats mark 3
BASEs or LOCATIONS= cam rhon bay i think ispelled right
YEARs in VIETNAM = 69-70
FROM WHERE = warren , oh
REFFERED By = surfen web
- Tuesday, May 07, 2002 at 11:19:36 (PDT)

Record 1267
I work at the depot at M.H.E. for at Cam Ranh Bay from 69 to 70 loading trucks with supplys all night for comvoy food,cloths,even weapon. I had a lot of friend at Cam Ranh vellage. I will never forget the people over in Vietnam they are beatiful and respectful and one day I would like to return I spent my 19th birthday over there and I am 53 now.

NAME = Sgt.. Earnest Knight
<EMAIL = eknight1234[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = M.H.E. Stk Con & acct Spec Depot
BASEs or LOCATIONS= Cam Ranh Bay
YEARs in VIETNAM = Jan 69 Aug 70
FROM WHERE = Detroit, Mich
REFFERED By = Nobody
- Friday, June 14, 2002 at 05:31:24 (PDT)

Record 1304
The boats you are calling a "35 boat" are actually LCPL's (Landing Craft Personnel, Large). They were the primary boats used by Inshore Undersea Warfare Group 1 for Harbor Defense. These boats were used primarily on the waters of Vung Tau, Cam Ranh Bay, Nha Trang, Qui Nhon and Vung Ro. IUWG-1 also used "skimmers", a 16 foot Boston Whaler with an 85 HP outboard engine and 45 ft picket boats. Some of the people you met at the MRFA Reunion in San Diego have more pictures of these boats. I have some also, in addition to pictures of the skimmers.

NAME = John Wright <EMAIL = jphotow[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = IUWG-1, Units 2 & 4
BASEs or LOCATIONS= Cam Rabh Bay & Nha Trang
YEARs in VIETNAM = 1968
FROM WHERE = San Diego, CA
- Tuesday, July 02, 2002 at 11:46:28 (PDT)

Record 1337
this is a great web site it has brought many memories the littleship called rocket rainmaker also the 409 was called theGRIM REAPER the white river and the clarion river was the deadliest fire support boats that was in the rivers of viiet nam both of the commanding officers of these little inshore fire support boats retired from the navy as rear admirals and was great leaders as young Lt.s . they were also good buddys to the crews These boats brought more havoc to the NVA than they could stand.we have so many U S army and marines have thanked us that it shook us up. we were damned glad that we helped we were always fired on by idiots god rest their souls or budda or whoever welcome home brothers

NAME = DON BARNES <EMAIL = drbarnes[ at ]>
BASEs or LOCATIONS= cat lo danang camrhan bay vau tung all o corps viet nam
YEARs in VIETNAM = three
FROM WHERE = carriere , Miss
REFFERED By = just surfing
- Sunday, July 28, 2002 at 20:43:10 (PDT)

Record 1341
After 35 years of "forgetting", in April of this year was "encouraged" by family members to put together a web site of long neglected Swift Boat photos. In the process, got hooked up with members of PCF-79 (67) and the vivid story & images of the sea battle and capture of a trawler in July 1967 became a highlight of the finished site. Wish my effort was a tenth as well done as yours. Bob Shirley OinC PCF45 1967

NAME = Bob Shirley
<EMAIL = rbshirley[ at ]>
BASEs or LOCATIONS= Cam Ranh Bay - Chu Lai
YEARs in VIETNAM = 1967
REFFERED By = From Stats to my Web Site
- Monday, July 29, 2002 at 05:54:32 (PDT)

Record 1354
I served on USS Greenlet (ASR-10) a submarine rescue vessel, auxiliary. Greenlet had extensive and elaborate salvage gear and pumps, as well as a complement of twenty deep sea and second class divers, with a Master Chief Diver in charge of diving operations. The Captain and the First Lieutenat were also required to be divers. So when we went to Vietnam, in April 67, we were ordered to salvage duty and to assist the USS Current (ARS-22) a rescue and salvage auxiliary vessel. Greenlet was sent to salvage a sunken barge at Vung Tau in the Mekong Delta. The salvage job had to be postponed, and the barge was towed to a safe place out of the shipping channel. Greenlet was sent to Nha Trang to assist in refloating the M/V Amastra, an oil tanker that had been mined by a swimmer. We spent about a week on that job. Then Greenlet went to Cam Ranh Bay to salvage the black box and the crew's bodies from a C-141 that took off in automatic landing mode and flew into the bay. That took about a week. From there we went to Hong Kong for R & R, but the Red Guard riots ruined it, so we went to Subic Bay instead. I worked in the electrical gang, and stood watch on the auxiliary generators that powered the salvage gear and pumps. Greenlet carried only about a hundred officers and crew. She was very seaworthy and could take rolls up to 45 degrees that would sink any other ship. She also did well in 100 foot seas. Her officers were superb shiphandlers, which saved our bacon in many a storm.

NAME = RB Hemming <EMAIL = rbhemming[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = USS Greenlet (ASR-10)
BASEs or LOCATIONS= Vung Tau, Nha Trang, Cam Ranh Bay (salvage operations)
YEARs in VIETNAM = April 1967
FROM WHERE = Monterey Park, CA
- Sunday, August 04, 2002 at 21:42:46 (PDT)

Record 1393
New 60 minute video on tug and harbor masters in Vietnam

This video documents the role of Army marine pilots and harbor personnel in Vietnam. Includes on camera interviews actually taken during the Vietnam War. Most scenes were shot at Cam Ranh Bay and Qui Nhon Harbor. Includes excellent details of day-to-day activities aboard a tugboat— on the job, cooking, eating, sleeping and great interior shots of the variouis compartments of the tug.

Also details the role of the harbor masters, their duties and cooperation with the tugmasters. Also includes excellent aerial views.

See actual scenes from the video. Click on the Url or go to WWW.MILITARYVIDEO.COM and search "Tug". For additional info call 1-800-277-1977.

NAME = meredith vezina
<EMAIL = meredith[ at ]>
FROM WHERE = escondido, ca
REFFERED By = google
- Friday, August 30, 2002 at 12:51:00 (PDT)

Record 1422
After a year of sea duty on the USS Banner (AGER-1) out of Yokosuka, Japan, I went to dive school in Subic Bay, came out a 2nd Class Diver and was sent to Cam Ranh Bay as the base diver at the repair facility. After a few months, and about 150 dives I was sent to Nha Be as a Mike boat captain running supplies and ammo up the Vam Co Tay and Vam Co Dong Rivers to the advanced tactical support bases in such exotic places as Go Dau Ha, Moc Hoa, Tay Ninh, and up to the Cambodian border. Also was part of the ill fated Operation Giant Slingshot. Life on the river truly was one of the defining times of my life, as I learned to sleep in the rain, eat c-rations, shoot back at whomever was shooting at us, and generally become a much more aware human being. Sometimes the river was the most peaceful, tranquil, natural spot in the universe. So natural, so unlike civilization. But at other times it became a loud, dangerous, blazing inferno. Everything happening at breakneck speed, but seemingly in visual slow motion. Truthfully, I wouldn't have traded that year for any other year in my life. The excitement, or rather the expectation of excitement was addicting, as well as what I learned about myself during that year. Thanks for the opportunity, and this is truly a great site.

NAME = Richard H. Kirshen <EMAIL = rkirshen[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = Mike 6's and Mike 8's
BASEs or LOCATIONS= NSF Nha Be and NRF Cam Ranh Bay
YEARs in VIETNAM = 1969-1970
FROM WHERE = Miami Beach, Fla.
- Wednesday, September 11, 2002 at 15:52:40 (PDT)

Record 1453
I was a Boat Captain om LCPL's at both Nha Trang and Camnh Ranh Bay when they were turned over to the VNN, I still have my boat flag from Cam Ranh Bay. I was an SM3 at the time

NAME = Pat Burke <EMAIL = pburke[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = IUWG-1 Units 2 & 4 LSB Nha BE
BASEs or LOCATIONS= Nha Trang & Camh Ranh Bay
YEARs in VIETNAM = 3/68 to 2/71
FROM WHERE = Palmdale, Ca
REFFERED By = Surfed in
- Monday, September 30, 2002 at 16:15:58 (PDT)

Record 1462
i remember loading alot of ammo in cam rahn and getting drunk in cat lo what a time

NAME = bill bevington <EMAIL = deerrings[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = uss st francis river lsmr 525
BASEs or LOCATIONS= cam rahn bay cat lo
YEARs in VIETNAM = 66 67 68 69
FROM WHERE = franklin, penna
REFFERED By = surfed in
- Friday, October 04, 2002 at 07:28:22 (PDT)

Record 1536
This is a plea for help: First there was an input in the CLAIMS section of OUR "VFW Mag" Nov 2002 issue that read as follows: Naval Facility (Cam Rahn Bay), late 1968-early 1969--Seeking any info on sailor who was killed by shrapnel while on river boat patrol near Cahm Rahn and taken to naval facility hospital at Cam Rahn---CONTACT Jerry E> Perdue, Rte 1, Box 138, Petroleum, WV 26161; perduewestval[ at ] Second: I myself am seeking names of anyother witness to the accident of F-4 which in late 1968 or early '69 stalled one morning in prep to taking off for missions. Burst into flames piolts died trying to eject firefighter lost life also while suspended from cherry picker boom of his truck while dumping foam. PLEASE CONTACT ME airforce[ at ] or airforce1948[ at ] or write David Randall, 9060 Gross RD, Cuba NY 14727-9704.

NAME = David Randall <EMAIL = airforce1948[ at ]>
YEARs in VIETNAM = 1968, 1969
REFFERED By = James Healy
- Tuesday, November 05, 2002 at 10:01:59 (PST)

Record 1708
Became the plane captain for the station Skytrain, a C-117d, one of the finest R4D's ever built. Call Sign: Navy-124. We hauled the mail and extra parts and personnel in Support of Operation Market Time and Game Warden, throughout Vietnam and beyond. We supported Det TSN, aka Aircofat, and re-fueled there often, hoping to get a ham sammitch before Mammasan sold out, or that thievin' monkey, Sam got to it! We flew along with three other 117's, #'s 17270, 50780, 50801, and ours, 17124, built in 1938. The Danang Detachment had one also but I cannot remember the number, having never crewed on that one. That bunch kept to themselves, but we joined up one night in Cavite City, RP and partied like there was no tomorrow at Mammas Place. It's sad that the Navy pulled out of there in 1972. The Aircofat Legend was true, We got done what needed doing through determination, skill, guts, and individual commitment to the group effort. We kept those old planes and H-34's flying no matter what. Have a warm PBR, or a Carling's Black Label at 86 degrees, sometime and just reflect on what we accomplished. Nice Site!

NAME = Gary Gale

UNITs SHIPs BOATs = Naval Air Facility Cam Ranh Bay C117d Plane Captain
YEARs in VIETNAM = Sep69-70
FROM WHERE = California Delta, CA
REFFERED By = Just flew in.

Record 1727
Served aboard USS Pickaway as EN3 from 65 to 66. Served aboard Swifts at Cam Rahn with Donald Armstrong LtJg OINC,Coleman BM2, Ralph Yoney BM and ? Too many years and too much loss of memory. Lots of steak and chicken for dinner and hard boiled eggs with mayo while on night patrol. But never any ice cream, except for what we could swap from a DD while based in Cua Viet and that only happened once.

NAME = Greg Dunacusky <EMAIL = gregdunacusky[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = USS Pickaway APA222 PCF's
BASEs or LOCATIONS= Cam Rahn Bay & Cua Viet
YEARs in VIETNAM = 66/67
FROM WHERE = Conshohocken, Pa
REFFERED By = surfed in

Record 1765

YEARs in VIETNAM = 69-70

Record 1796
From Michigan now living in New Orleans LA I was incountry from 1966 to 1967 first 6 mo in Catlo then went to Cam Rhan Bay left in August of 67. I was a gmg3 on lcpls

NAME = Jim Meeuwenberg9Dutch) <EMAIL = jamsr[ at ]bellsouth,net>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = IUWG-1 unit 1 and 2
BASEs or LOCATIONS= Catlo and Cam Rhan Bay
YEARs in VIETNAM = 66&67
FROM WHERE = Fremont, MI
REFFERED By = surfing

Record 1799
I got to Viet Nam on Salvage Duty,1967, with Harbor Clearance Unit 1 Cleared an inverted Barge, sucked it up against our keel and took it away, Phillipines I think. Came back worked on a Shell Tanker a sapper hit below the water line right close upon the beach, Then went over to Cam Rahn Bay and salvaged an 8- boat that was broached. Later came back to Camp Tien Sha, S C R F Wire and Sail Loft, at Carpenter Shop. left in July or August, 69 We made chokers and straps for LCU's YFU's etc. We would trade you out of your false teeth if you would let us. We had a hell of a network all over I-corp. Made gun covers too, and any thing else you could make out of canvas,leather or Naughahyde. I worked with BM 1 Ellis, Sn. Yock spent nearly every day putting boats on and off the quay wall, scraping and painting and all other types of patchwork. I like the site.

NAME = ELMER CLARK <EMAIL = elmerthecop[ at ]>
UNITs SHIPs BOATs = USS Current ARS 22 ; S C R F DaNang
YEARs in VIETNAM = 67 68 69
FROM WHERE = Dayton, Tx.
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